AXS Guard BASICS training

09 & 10 november (online)

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AXS GUARD - BASIC Technical Training 

  • Session 1 - 09/11/2022 - 9u - 13u

  • Session 2 - 10/11/2022 - 9u - 13u

AXS Guard is a cybersecurity solution that aims to provide maximum security at a minimal cost. All security concepts and features are designed around the user. 
We start from a zero-trust philosophy: "nothing is allowed, except what is explicitly permitted by the system administrator" ...

After this training, you will be able to install, configure and manage AXS Guard in a production environment. For training on specific features, we kindly invite you to register for one of our advanced training sessions.

The BASIC training covers the following topics:

  • AXS GUARD installation, out-of-the-box

  • admin interface (GUI) 

  • Basic configuration & network integration

  • Appliance licensing on Cloud Portal

  • Network integration using Directory Services

  • Firewall configuration (rules & policies)

  • Access rights: company, group and user concepts

  • Mail relay configuration

  • Web & content scanning configuration

  • VPN technologies 

  • Authentication

  • Reporting

  • Basic Troubleshooting

  • ....

For whom? 

  • network admins, system admins, IT managers

  • for customers and partners

Minimum required IT knowledge

  • Knowledge of network concepts and technologies

    • OSI layers model

    • TCP/IP 

    • Active Directory/LDAP

  • General IT knowledge & operating systems

More info

  • de training wordt volledig remote, online gegeven

  • it consists of 2 consecutive sessions of 4 hours, each from 9 AM to 1 PM, spread over 2 days

  • bij inschrijven schrijf je automatisch in voor beide sessies, ze vormen samen één geheel

  • The sessions include hands-on interaction and exercises

  • de presentatie gebeurt via Google Meet (we vragen u om indien mogelijk uw beeld te delen, voor interactie zijn geluid en micro absoluut nodig)

  • voor de hands-on (via AXS Guard Remote Workspace) heeft u enkel een browser nodig ( (Firefox of Chrome, niet IE of Edge))

  • Each participant will have access to a personal AXS Guard server for the exercises

  • Participation is free of charge (*)

  • Training is given in Dutch, the slides are in English 

  • na registratie ontvangt u een automatische bevestiging, nadien nog een agenda invite met de "Google Meet" details per dag

  • log minstens 5 minuten voor aanvang in (8u55)

  • The number of participants per session is limited


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

(*) Note: you must cancel your participation at least 5 working days before the start of the training. In case of late and / or invalid cancellation we reserve the right to charge a fee of 500 €.

Datum & Tijd
9 november 2022
Start - 09:00
10 november 2022
Einde - 12:30 Europe/Brussels

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2800 Mechelen
+32 15 50 44 00
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