Internet security requires more than just a firewall. This is why we developed AXS GUARD. An all-in-one and scalable security solution which not only guards your network against unauthorized access, but also provides security for your applications, remote access, mail traffic, computers and any other devices that are connected to your network.

The AXS GUARD product range has been around for more than 20 years and currently protects the networks of more than 1500 companies and government institutions. Our solution is continuously updated and improved so it is always ready to counter the latest Internet security threats.

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“We installed AXS GUARD since we believe it is the most comprehensive solution on the market. We read a lot of positive news about AXS GUARD in the press and we think it is a huge advantage that AXS GUARD is based in Belgium."  Richard Zajaczkowski  (Prayon)
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Cyber security is a subject which can no longer be ignored in our current society.

The AXS GUARD all-in-one solution keeps intruders out and provides enterprise-level security for employees who are working remotely.

AXS GUARD evolves permanently, is automatically updated and guarantees that your organization stays on top of the latest Internet security threats.

Its policy-based system allows you to decide who can do what and when on the Internet, hereby preventing your corporate network from being abused.

Data security and GDPR are hot topics. Thanks to our scalable solution, you have total control over all data traffic entering and leaving your network.

All user data is centrally managed and protected. It can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Certain information can also be obfuscated at the customer's request.

With AXS GUARD, extensive logging of all network traffic is always at your disposal. This way you know who does what on your network and you maintain control.

The policy-based configuration is simple and user-friendly.

Business-critical processes must never fail or be disrupted. AXS GUARD allows you to manage the bandwidth for critical services, such as Office 365 cloud applications. With Internet redundancy, you can decide which applications have priority over others when accessing the Internet. For example, you can implement policies so that VoIP traffic takes precedence over less critical data traffic. It also allows you to identify and mitigate network traffic bottlenecks.


AXS GUARD is available as a bare-metal security solution as well as a virtual appliance that can be integrated into your existing virtual environment. Both solutions are equivalent and come in a variety of performance levels. The final choice mainly depends on the preferences and needs of the customer. However, trends indicate that most customers seem to opt for the virtual solution.


Customers can always rely on our excellent after-sales services and technical support. Our team of specialists and certified partners are always ready to offer their expertise and assist you with any project, large or small.




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