Getting ready for Office 365

AXS GUARD version 8.3.1

Automated firewall security for your Office 365 apps and services

For performance reasons, Microsoft advises against the use of proxy servers for accessing their cloud services. In order to maintain a secure network environment, appropriate firewall policies must be implemented.

The struggle to keep firewalls configured properly can impact network availability, access, security, and compliance, as well as reduce IT productivity and add management costs.

An automated change workflow for your enterprise or IT organization is therefore essential.

As of version 8.3.1, the AXS GUARD appliance will automatically download and maintain firewall rules for all your Office 365 applications and services. This automated system will evolve even further with the forthcoming Office 365 configuration wizard.

Internet Speed Test

The AXS GUARD speed test allows system administrators to measure their Internet connection speeds in Megabits Per Second, which is the ISP industry standard. This new addition to the existing set of network tools is an easy way to verify the speeds advertised by your ISP.

Additionally, the speed test tool allows you to collect accurate evidence for filing a complaint with your Internet service provider and ensures that you receive the speed you are paying for.

The speed test will be used in the upcoming AXS GUARD release to automatically calculate and configure optimal bandwidth settings for all your Office 365 apps and services.

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