Empowering Networks with
Proactive DNS Security

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"DNS Security provides an additional layer of security on top of existing AXS Guard security features"

DNS Security:
Your extra protection against malware

​With DNS Security, you benefit from enhanced safeguards against a wide range of cyber threats, including Malware, Ransomware, and Phishing. By leveraging this advanced technology, AXS Guard fortifies your defenses, ensuring a secure and resilient environment for your network.

Research by industry leaders indicates that more than 91% of malware attacks use DNS exploits in one way or another. Despite this, many organizations don’t monitor DNS traffic, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

With our cutting-edge DNS Security solution, we take proactive measures to intercept and neutralize potential threats long before they can infiltrate your network.

Deploying DNS Security is a breeze for system administrators. There is no need for user training or to configure individual devices . Just enable the SecureDNS feature on AXS Guard and you're good to go.

How does it work ? 

  • All DNS requests originating from your network are forwarded by AXS Guard to Secutec's Secure DNS servers, which check the domain reputation of the requested URLs.
  • Requests are checked against data collected from billions of DNS requests, WHOIS records and BGP routing information to identify suspicious domains, which are classified by the type of threat they represent.
    • If users visit a domain that has been blocked, they will be presented with a default blocking page.
    • If the domain is whitelisted or considered harmless, users will be allowed access to the domain.

The process is fully automated and super fast; user don't notice anything at all. DNS Security also offers the possibility to add additional filters, allowing administrators to exert greater control over the network's DNS resolution process.

Image specific characteristics

SecureDNS, powered by Secutec.

AXS Guard's SecureDNS solution relies on technology developed by Secutec, a Belgian company that specializes in data-driven cybersecurity and analysis.

We especially consider their know-how and extensive collection of Belgian DNS data as invaluable assets for our customers.

SecureDNS uses pre-collected datasets provided by more than 20 cybersecurity companies and antivirus providers.

Unveiling the Advantages: Harnessing the Power of AXS Guard's DNS Security

DNS Security Dashboard    

In order to keep track of performance, a detailed dashboard showing all DNS queries and blocked threats is provided, including the source in your network (host or user).

Powerful & Efficient   

Malicious domains are blocked at an early stage. SecureDNS has the ability to detect Belgian threats before they are known by other cybersecurity vendors.

Comprehensive Protection  

DNS Security protects every device connected to your network, such as PCs, laptops, smartphones, servers, printers, scanners, IoT devices, etc.

   Easy to implement

  • Fully supported by AXS Guard (premium content scanning license required).
  • Ready to use.
  • Works with any IT, network or security setup in your organization.
  • No additional software or hardware required.
  • No downtime, service interruptions or AXS Guard reboots are needed.

   Rest assured

  • Safe web browsing is guaranteed.
  • No latency or additional processing time.
  • Working from home or connected to another network? Internet traffic of remote workers can be rerouted so it remains protected by SecureDNS and custom DNS filters.
  • Keeps all devices safe, including those over which you have no control, e.g. smartphones connected to your guest WiFi network. 

Working safely outside the office?
Use the Secure DNS Agent

Installed on a client device such as a laptop, the SecureDNS Agent safeguards your employees from online threats, even when they are working outside your corporate network.​

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