Manage your AXS Guard
Cybersecurity in the Cloud

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Central management of your AXS Guard installation(s) makes it easier

Log in, as a customer or a partner, to securely configure your AXS Guard installations and manage customer information. A Google or Microsoft account (2FA) is required. With its simple and user-friendly interface, you will quickly find all the technical and administrative information related to your deployed systems.

» Manual to register an AXS Guard appliance 

Manage your customer contracts


Complete overview of your customer contracts, the license status of deployed systems, activated software bundles per system, etc.

Customer information 

A complete overview of each deployed system and its location and the possibility to download system certificates.

Software license management

Comprehensive overview of installed software per system, its hardware type, etc.


Technical configuration, remote management, dashboards

System status information

Information about installed versions, available system updates and backups.

System health

Detailed reports about system errors and alerts, performance and stability.

Software status information

Reports about configuration errors.

Remote management

Logging into the administration interface.


Dashboards for EDR, SecureDNS, Monitoring.