Safe internet wherever you are,

thanks to SecureDNS Agent

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Browse the internet safely, wherever you are, with the SecureDNS Agent.

Installed on a client device such as a laptop, the SecureDNS Agent safeguards your employees from online threats, even when they are working outside your corporate network

Developed specifically by AXS Guard for Secutec, this client provides enhanced security wherever your employees go.

How does it work ?

The SecureDNS Agent monitors all DNS traffic of your employees and automatically forwards it to the Secure DNS server.  

This server checks the reputation of the website that your employee wants to visit. If the website is safe, the connection is established.

If the website is deemed unsafe, the connection is blocked, protecting your employee against malware, phishing, and other online threats

Benefits of SecureDNS Agent:

  • Protection everywhere: Your employees are safeguarded at all times, regardless of their location: whether they're working from home, at the airport, in a coworking space, or elsewhere.

  • No VPN connection required: Even if your employees do not use a VPN connection, they are still protected by the SecureDNS Agent.

  • Ease of use: Your employees can enjoy the protection of the SecureDNS Agent without needing to take any additional steps.

  • No additional hardware: The SecureDNS Agent doesn't require any extra hardware


  • SecureDNS Agent licenses are managed via the AXS Guard Cloud. Refer to the SecureDNS Agent documentation for more information.

  • A Premium Threat Protection Pack is required to use the SecureDNS Agent.

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