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Why choose Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)?

Powered by AI

Continuously learns as AI detects and responds autonomously in near real-time to new and unknown threats. Simplifies and speeds response through guided or autonomous remediation

Clear threat visualizations

Maps threats against the MITRE ATT&CK framework and uses a behavioral tree for easy analysis and visualizations.

See what's hidden

Provides deep visibility with NanoOS, a unique hypervisor-based approach that works outside the operating system and is designed to be invisible to attackers and malware.

Bidirectional API

Seamless integratie: Integreert met populaire SIEM- en SOAR-tools voor gecentraliseerd beheer en respons.

Tailored security

Allows users to build custom detection strategies to address compliance or company-specific requirements without the need to reboot the endpoint.

Threat detection & hunting

Offers automated, AI-powered threat detection and threat hunting, including telemetry from indicators that can be customized for proprietary detection and granular search.

Our approach?

EDR autonomously detects any suspicious activities emanating from or targeting endpoints in your network, such as laptops, desktops, servers or even smartphones, and actively responds to security threats.

Thanks to the extended use of Artificial Intelligence, the EDR solution preemptively protects your devices against new and unknown cybersecurity threats, a.k.a. zero-day exploits.

EDR detects suspicious network activity in a heartbeat. Infected devices are immediately quarantined to prevent the spread of damaging and dangerous malware.

With its central management console, you can get a complete overview of all detected events and implement an appropriate security strategy.

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Key features QRadar EDR

Enhancing Endpoint Security with Autonomous EDR

  • Uses continuous self-learning AI and machine learning to build an evolving baseline that protects endpoints from threats without requiring daily updates.

  • Future-proofs your organization with autonomous prevention of ransomware, fileless and in-memory attacks, both online and offline.

  • Supercharges gaps left by traditional security antivirus (AV) solutions with enhanced detection, visibility and control.

Complete hunt and response features

  • Provides a user-friendly threat hunting platform with preconfigured hunt parameters that don’t require database query knowledge.

  • Offers complete remediation guidance and clickthrough response automation to help you contain any situation within seconds.

High threat resolution

  • Increases your understanding of threats in your environment mapped against tactics and techniques in the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

  • Helps reduce investigation time from minutes to seconds with threat intelligence and analysis scoring.

  • Uses prevalence monitoring to remove the guesswork needed to understand the impact and spread of infected artifacts across your organization.

Compliance monitoring

  • Delivers full visibility into user behavior and application usage to enhance your organization’s compliance policies and enforce standards.

  • Allows users to build custom detection strategies to address compliance or company-specific requirements using DeStra (Detection Strategy) scripting, without the need to reboot the endpoint.

  • Enables users to activate updates across the organization without endpoint intervention or downtime.

Centralized Management with AXS Guard Cloud

  • Easily manage and monitor everything via the AXS Guard Cloud.
  • Fully integrated with AXS Guard Cloud SIEM.

Deploy in any environment

  • Provides options for cloud and on-premises infrastructures and works in offline environments with no need for daily signature updates.

  • Installs in seconds without complex integrations, becomes operational within minutes and coexists seamlessly with existing AV software with zero conflicts.

  • Leaves no impact on the endpoint during deployment, daily operations and even after responding to a live incident.

Managed detection and response (MDR)

  • Provides 24x7 monitoring, tracking and resolution of critical alerts while keeping you informed.

  • Helps you identify and track even the most sophisticated actors and run advanced threat hunting campaigns using both AI and our team’s deep experience in intelligence and analysis.

  • Contains and remediates threats as soon as they’re detected, minimizing your business risk and reducing damages and interruption of services.

QRadar EDR behavioral tree provides full alert and attack visibility.

QRadar EDR remediation automation simplifies incident remediation with clickthrough options.