EU Defence Industry Event in Charleroi

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AXS Guard will be attending the EU Defence Industry Event held in Charleroi, Belgium, on April 30th.

During Belgium's EU presidency, this conference will bring together key stakeholders within the European Union's defence industry for a senior-level discussion.

This will be an opportunity to exchange thoughts on the practical implementation of the "European Defence Industrial Strategy" (EDIS) and to generate ideas for concrete steps towards a modern, strong and resilient "European Defence Technological and Industrial Base" (EDTIB).

Of course, robust cybersecurity is also crucial in this endeavor.

What to Expect


This event features an exhibition for national industries and research institutions. The "Belgian Defence Technological and Industrial Base" (BE DTIB) will be on display, highlighting its potential to strengthen the EDTIB. The exhibition itself is organized around the five operational domains: air, land, sea, cyber, and space.

Networking Opportunities

The event also provides valuable networking opportunities for national and international players, fostering greater collaboration among stakeholders at the EU level.

Who Should Attend

Senior Experts

Panel sessions will offer senior experts the opportunity to discuss how the EDTIB can be strengthened based on the new European Defence Industrial Strategy. 

Defence-Related Sectors
  1. Air
  2. Land
  3. Sea
  4. Cyber
  5. Space

More Information

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Time & Date
April 30, 2024
10:00 AM 5:00 PM Europe/Brussels

CEME Charleroi

Rue des Français 147
6020 Charleroi
--CEME Charleroi--
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+32 15 50 44 00