Recap Partner-Event: Cyberproof BBQ

Madict & AXS Guard

Networking with an appetizer

At AXS Guard, we are always looking for ways to alert and inform companies about the latest cybersecurity dangers. That's why we also organized an event last week, in collaboration with our partner Madict

It was an evening of networking, valuable information and delicious food.

The event started with an introduction and appetizer, where our guests had the opportunity to network and catch up. This was the perfect start to the evening, where we were able to make new connections. The sharing of cybersecurity experiences and insights was undoubtedly enriching for all attendees.

Cybersecurity Powered by AXS Guard

After the appetizer, our guests made their way to the presentation room, where they were treated to an informative session on the topic of "Cybersecurity powered by AXS Guard". 

During the presentation it was mainly about how hackers work and in what ways they can get into your business. This to create more awareness that it can happen to anyone and that they have many opportunities to do this (if you are not protected). Afterwards, it was shown what you can do to avoid this and a case was brought in to 'prove' this.

We tried to keep the presentation somewhat interactive by means of a quiz. We also tried to provide variety by having different speakers.

Closing with a BBQ

After the informative presentation, it was time to relax and enjoy a delicious BBQ. The perfect time to let all the information sink in and chat with other attendees.

The partner event of AXS Guard and Madict was without a doubt a success. We would therefore like to thank all attendees and, of course, our partner Madict!

Wij hopen dat ons event heeft kunnen helpen bij het versterken van jouw awareness/kennis en de cybersecurity van jouw bedrijf.

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Recap Partner-Event: Cyberproof BBQ
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