Can AXS Guard protect you against Russian cyberattacks??

Time to act!

It's a good idea to check your cyber resilience and verify your data backups and overall configuration. Act now in order to avoid potential havoc later

The war in Ukraine is not just a battle on the ground. There are also clear signs of increased cyberthreats. According to Techzine, “Russian intelligence agencies are actively collaborating with Russian cybercriminals.”

IT-Daily IT-Daily reports:  “The Center for Belgian Cyber Security (CCB) has announced that there is currently no immediate threat aiming to target the IT infrastructure of companies and organizations based in Belgium. However, the CCB does mention that there is a real chance that cyberattacks against Ukraine, whether intentional or unintentional, will also affect other countries. Caution is advised.” 

In other words, it's a good idea to check your cyber resilience and verify your data backups and overall configuration. Act now in order to avoid potential havoc later.

How can AXS Guard protect your organization?

Cybersecurity is implemented through various layers. Good basic principals are essential when configuring your AXS Guard firewall: Avoid port forwarding, enable Intrusion Prevention for allowed traffic and regularly monitor your network.

It is important to act before any harm can be done. AXS Guard is equipped with two essential and easy-to-use features that can block a vast majority of cyberthreats, i.e. Geo-blocking and SecureDNS. SecureDNS.

About Geo-blocking

This feature allows system administrators to completely block all internet traffic going to or originating from chosen regions or countries, such as Russia, making it technically impossible to initiate cyberattacks from that part of the world. The IP ranges of each country and region are automatically updated by AXS Guard. So, it’s just a question of enabling the feature and choosing the countries you wish to block. AXS Guard takes care of the rest.

About SecureDNS 

DNS or the Domain Name System is an essential internet service which translates human-readable addresses to IP addresses. Unfortunately, this 'translation service' is more often than not abused by attackers, ransomware, phishing sites and other malicious agents.

SecureDNS provides an extra security layer at the DNS level, as it thwarts the DNS traffic generated by malicious software that somehow found its way into your network. This means users are automatically prevented from accessing phishing sites, malicious software, botnet infrastructure and other harmful content at the DNS level.

AXS Guard has a partnership with  Secutec, a Belgian leader in DNS technology. Secutec’s close collaboration with the Belgian government, major banks and other agencies ensures that this service provides the best DNS-layer protection for organizations and companies based in Belgium.

The AXS Guard reporting and SecureDNS logging feature allow you to get detailed insights into potentially harmful DNS traffic and isolate hosts for closer inspection and troubleshooting. 

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