Secure your Microsoft Azure cloud

AXS Guard available on Azure Marketplace


AXS GUARD, the Belgian Internet Security provider based in Mechelen, is the first and only Belgian developer to offer a brand new security solution specifically for Microsoft Azure. From now on you can find AXS GUARD security appliance as a virtual server via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Since AXS GUARD was founded in 1996, the company's mission is to securely connect any organization to the Internet in a simple, affordable and scalable way.

Hosting of servers and business applications is increasingly done in the Cloud and therefore less and less on the network of the company itself. Or opt for a hybrid solution in which a certain part of the applications go to the Cloud. Guaranteeing the availability of the application (s) to customers and / or employees is one of the decisive arguments. Many companies then end up at Microsoft Azure. 

Securing your own Azure environment, however, remains the responsibility of the SME itself. Several solutions already exist for this, but these are often very expensive and above all very complex to set up and manage. 

AXS GUARD is now changing this by offering a virtual solution that can be easily installed with just a few clicks. Securing a completely new installation as well as an already existing Azure environment with AXS GUARD is now very simple and affordable.

“The goal is to perfectly integrate the Azure Cloud environment with the pre-existing local environment to create a hybrid network environment that significantly improves flexibility and availability. In short, AXS GUARD helps organizations securely migrate their existing network environment and applications to Azure. Said Alex Ongena, founder and managing director of AXS GUARD.

Installing a virtual AXS GUARD appliance from the Azure Marketplace is child's play. AXS GUARD is available in just a few minutes and the individual security modules can be configured. 

AXS GUARD provides a next-generation firewall, where traditional firewall technology is linked to other network security techniques such as IPS, an advanced anti-malware scanner, personalized web content filters and a specific web application firewall (WAF).  

These features, along with a selection of high-performance VPN technologies and strong authentication capabilities, have been combined into a single, user-friendly solution. In addition, customers can count on extensive support from the AXS GUARD partner network and from the AXS GUARD team itself.

"AXS GUARD on Azure costs only a fraction of what other manufacturers charge for an annual license, has a lot of options, is easy to install and is easy to expand and therefore scalable in the future." adds Alex Ongena.

Today more than 1500 - mainly Belgian - companies use AXS GUARD. We want to continue to help them, but also others, with the security of their network infrastructure.

Typical applications for AXS GUARD on Azure include

  • simplified site-to-cloud connections

  • security of the business applications hosted in Azure

  • (central) strong and two-factor authentication (Google / Microsoft authenticator and / or Onespan Digipass) 

  • Advanced content scanning of email and web traffic

  • secure connections (VPN) from individual users to the cloud application 

  • VPN concentrator for industrial IoT applications

  • ...

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