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AXS Guard features in detail with demo

Below you will find AXS Guard videos. The topics are based on frequently asked questions. 

We briefly explain why we have made certain functionalities, what they do exactly. Based on a step-by-step demo, we show how you can configure and use them.

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AXS Guard version 10.4

AXS Guard version 10.4 is an important upgrade in which, in addition to various smaller and larger improvements and updates, we also introduce some new features, such as:

  • Reverse proxy met Cronto & Push authenticatie

  • Geo IP Blocking

  • Spoofing Check (CEO Fraude)

  • RDG/RDP Password Learning

  • update

  • ...


Premium Cloud Content Scanning

With AXS Guard - Premium Cloud Content Scanning, spam, viruses, malware, social engineering attempts, zero-day attacks and other cyberthreats don't stand a chance, thanks to its combination of intelligent detection methods and tools.

The system uses more than 70 antivirus engines and domain blacklists around the world, in addition to a variety of tools to extract useful information from the analyzed content. Antivirus signature files are updated several times a day and distributed in real-time by reputable antivirus software providers for maximum protection. 

Remote Workspace

With AXS Guard - Remote Workspace working remotely becomes both safe and easy. After login (using preferably a strong authentication) you can surf via your browser on a computer or tablet from any location to your computer at the office. 

There you can access all your applications, files and data. All connections between the browser, the internet, the company network and the employee's desktop are 100% secure thanks to AXS Guard. 

You do not need additional software nor a VPN connection. A modern browser is sufficient.


Personal AXS Guard (PAX)

With Personal AXS Guard (PAX) secure remote access is as easy as 1-2-3

Personal AXS Guard (PAX) are a series of unique VPN hardware devices that enable a secure connection to your corporate network. They have been specially developed for external and / or mobile use.

Various realizations are already operational, from one home user to connecting several thousand industrial machines with a central hub ....

Strong authentication (2FA)

To provide safer access to your network and applications, AXS Guard has integrated strong authentication.

Generating a one-time password on a token or mobile application can avoid the use of a static password or can add more security to a static password (such as a PIN).

AXS Guard Video's
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