Young Talent at AXS Guard

Students Thomas More - De Nayer

Antoine - student Thomas More (left) | Dylan - employee AXS Guard (right)

In the dynamic world of cybersecurity, finding and retaining talent is invaluable. At AXS Guard, we understand this all too well, and that is why we are proud to have young IT talent joining our ranks. In this article, we would like to share our experiences with two trainees from Thomas More - De Nayer and a new employee who started with us as an intern, to showcase how AXS Guard provides opportunities to young talent.

An Educational Internship Experience

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Antoine and Mathias, two talented students from Thomas More - De Nayer, as trainees. During their internship, they had the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in practice within our company. We strongly believe in providing handson experience to young professionals as it allows them to realize their full potential and grow in a real working environment. Throughout their internship, they made a valuable contribution to our team and were given the chance to further develop their talents.

At AXS Guard, we go beyond simply offering internship opportunities. We invest in the future of our interns. A perfect example of this is our new employee in the support department, Dylan. He completed an internship with us last year and displayed exceptional dedication and passion for cybersecurity. Recognizing his potential, we offered him a full-time position. This is a testament to our confidence in young talent and our commitment to recognizing and nurturing potential.

"It's nice to start somewhere, especially if you are already familiar with the product and your colleagues."
Dylan - Technical Support Engineer at AXS Guard

Invest in the future

At AXS Guard, we believe in fostering a culture of continuous growth and development. This philosophy extends not only to our products and services but also to our employees. We provide a supportive environment in which young talent can thrive and enhance their skills. Through internal training, mentorship, and challenging projects, we strive to stimulate the growth and development of our team members.

"We firmly believe that investing in new talent is a crucial element in ensuring the sustained success of a company."
Alex Ongena - CEO AXS Guard

We are always open to welcoming even more talent to AXS Guard, as we build a safer digital world together. Investing in new talent is key to our company's continued success. By providing internship opportunities and recognizing potential, we can attract and retain talented individuals.

If you're interested contact in learning more about our internship programs and career opportunities at AXS Guard, please feel free to contact us. Together, we can shape a safer digital world while nurturing the potential of new talent.

Young Talent at AXS Guard
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