Welcome Kaz!

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Hello everyone,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kaz Demeulenaere, and I am 20 years old. Currently, I am a student at Thomas More in Mechelen, pursuing a course in Marketing and Communication Support. I am in the final stages of my studies, with only my internship left to complete before graduating.

How did I find myself at AXS Guard?

In my search for a challenging marketing internship that would allow me to learn and apply my marketing knowledge, I was introduced to Dan Verbruggen through a contact. After an initial meeting, I received approval to start my internship here, marking the beginning of my 5-month adventure with this company!

Why AXS Guard?

Despite my limited knowledge of cybersecurity and related matters, I chose AXS Guard for my internship. My decision stemmed from the desire to challenge myself with a focused marketing internship and to expand my understanding of cybersecurity.

AXS Guard presented an opportunity for me to apply my marketing skills in a new and challenging context. Additionally, their ambitious plans for the future greatly appealed to me. While I knew it would be a challenge, I believed it would also be the most effective way to learn and grow!

What are my responsibilities at AXS Guard?

Given the company's ambitious growth plans, it has taken proactive steps to drive its own expansion. I am proud to announce that in the coming months, I will be focused on enhancing AXS Guard's brand awareness. My role involves revitalizing our presence on search engines through Google ads and steering them in a positive direction.

Our objective is to utilize this strategy to generate new leads, which will hopefully translate into increased sales, a broader customer base, and a more prominent position for AXS Guard within the industry and search engines.​

I've been at AXS Guard since January 15th, and I must say, I'm thoroughly enjoying my time here! I'm fortunate to be surrounded by pleasant and supportive colleagues, and I am eagerly looking forward to the months ahead!

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Welcome Kaz!
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