Managed Cybersecurity for Local Authorities

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 'Managed Cybersecurity for Local Authorities'

A few weeks ago made the press. Unfortunately, not in the desired way: the waste intermunicipal company was hacked and it is possible that sensitive data of almost all Limburgers is in the hands of cyber criminals. The damage is still being investigated.. 

Tackling the challenges facing local authorities​

The many examples of compromised cities and towns, the small teams and the 'ease of hacking' demonstrate the need for a solution outside the IT team: work with an external IT partner and preferably one with expertise in the field of cybersecurity.. 

Remmicom is a dedicated IT partner specialized in services for cities, municipalities, and government agencies. With years of experience in the sector, they possess an unparalleled understanding of the unique challenges these entities face.

Remmicom places its trust in AXS Guard products for ensuring the security of its customers. Notably, AXS Guard is introducing Observe & Protect, its proprietary Managed Cyber Security solution. 

Info session for Local Authorities

Delegating day-to-day management to specialists, including 24/7 monitoring, detection of potential security breaches, and implementing appropriate measures, is a wise choice for small, local authorities that are considering a managed cybersecurity solution.

Remmicom and AXS Guard would like to introduce you to these solutions during this workshop. where you will gain an in-depth insight into the essence of security in local governments.​ 


    • How cybercriminals easily leverage AI and the Dark Web.
    • The impact of phishing, ransomware and the lack of good authentication methods.
    • Challenges for government agencies, including NIS 2.
    • Cybersecurity: do it yourself or a Managed Service?
    • Observe & Protect: the appropriate Managed Cybersecurity solution for local authorities
      • Introducing the AXS Guard security platform
      • DNS Security (SecureDNS & DNS Agent)
      • Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)
      • Multi-factor Authenticatie 
    • AXS Guard Cloud: Central Management (dashboards, reporting, alerting, tools, ...)

Who can attend?

Existing and new customers are welcome to participate in this session. Suitable for anyone who deals with IT, (online) security policy, digitalization processes, system engineers, but also (general) directors of boards within local authorities, intermunicipal companies or other government institutions, or those who deal with network and data protection or DPOs,…

This session is presented in Dutch.


09:30: Welcome with coffee - Connect with fellow participants.

10:00: Introduction by Kristof Gotthold, System & Infrastructure Manager at Remmicom.

10:15: Overview of the cyber challenges faced by local authorities presented by Alex Ongena, CEO @ AXS Guard.

10:25 Live Ethical Hacking Session full of 'eye openers': how cyber criminals easily use AI and the Dark Web. | by Reinaert Van De Cruys, Ethical Hacker Fox & Fish

11:10 ​Break

11:25 ​Tackling the challenges: Why choose a Managed Cyber ​​Security solution? | by Alex Ongena, CEO AXS Guard

11:45: Observe & Protect live demo presented by Harold Van der Veken, Product M​anager @ AXS Guard.

12:00 ​Practical: How do we get started? What can you expect?

12:10 ​Q&A

12:15: Networking with a sandwich lunch.

13:00: Conclusion.

This event offers the opportunity to gain valuable insights, network with like-minded people and gain direct access to leading experts.

Which experts?

  • AXS Guard: vendor of leading cyber security solutions, with a focus on Managed Cyber ​​Security Services, aimed at prevention.
  • Remmicom: integrator of various IT solutions especially for local authorities.
  • Fox&Fish: cybersecurity specialist who maps your infrastructure and possible pitfalls using audits, risk analyses, ethical hacking and awareness training. 

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