Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability
How can AXS Guard help?

Mechelen 12/03/2021

Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability

You are probably already aware that all versions of Microsoft Exchange are vulnerable and are in need of an urgent update.  Microsoft has already published various solutions to resolve the issue.

The Center for Cybercrime in Belgium (CCB) warns that the installation of the software updates is insufficient to protect compromised systems or to repair affected servers. Microsoft will provide further advice on how to determine whether attackers already gained access to compromised systems.
A security script is available on to help you detect and address the vulnerabilities.

How can AXS Guard help you?

We highly recommend you immediately take the following actions:

  1. Configure AXS Guard Geo IP blocking ;
    Block the entire IP range of China (CN)!
    Note that this feature is only available as of version 10.4 ;   
    (This version upgrade is part of your AXS Guard maintenance agreement)

  2. Closely monitor your AXS Guard firewall logs to detect suspicious network activity and isolate infected servers.

  3. Install AXS Guard "A.I. driven Endpoint Security - powered by Reaqta" (EDR) (*)

If you need our immediate assistance to mitigate the issue, please contact us for a quote. 
All fixes can be implemented remotely.

(*) NEW: AXS Guard "A.I. driven Endpoint Security - powered by Reaqta" (EDR)

At AXS Guard, we are about to launch a new AI-driven Endpoint Security solution, powered by Reaqta (EDR).

This new solution will be capable to automatically detect and block advanced malware, particularly zero-day ransomware and offers the possibility to remotely monitor and detect suspicious activities on endpoints. An endpoint is any device that communicates back and forth with a network to which it is connected. Laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, servers, and virtual environments can all be considered endpoints.

The EDR solution actively monitors networks for suspicious activities and responds appropriately when such activity is detected. Thanks to AI and machine learning, the system autonomously learns to detect and block new attack patterns at a rapid rate. With its unique and lightweight Nano OS, continuous pattern updates and system reboots are a thing of the past.

The AXS Guard AI-Driven Endpoint Security - powered by Reaqta can also detect which servers in your network are already affected by malware and remove it remotely..

If you are interested, you can contact us on a totally confidential, no obligation, no fee basis to discuss how we can best support you:

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