How can a smaller IT partner be a cybersecurity specialist?

Why AXS Guard offers support to all IT partners

"At AXS Guard we see a trend of increasing market consolidation within the IT sector."

In the landscape of cybersecurity, market consolidation is on the rise, prompting AXS Guard to extend its support to IT partners. The evolving dynamics necessitate collaborative efforts to bolster the success of SMEs.

The Role of the IT-Partner

IT partners play a critical role in the success of numerous SMEs. They offer a range of services and support to help these companies manage, maintain, and optimize their IT infrastructure and systems. The ultimate goal is to allow SMEs to concentrate on their core operations. IT partners are proficient professionals who navigate through diverse markets

Beyond the obvious tasks like advising on IT strategy, technology choices, digital transformation, network management, and system administration, they also manage backup services, cloud migration, cloud applications, mobile devices, telephony, subscription management, and selecting suitable internet connections for companies. 

Additionally, they handle day-to-day maintenance, employee training, and troubleshooting IT-related issues to minimize downtime.

Cybersecurity in Focus

The implementation of all kinds of security measures such as endpoint protection, security software, firewall management, patch management and monitoring to continuously protect the customer's company against all kinds of cyber threats has certainly also become a key task for the same IT partner.

The threat has become bigger, the problems more complex and cyber security cannot be solved with products alone, it requires permanent monitoring. Add to this the need to make the right decisions quickly in any kind of hacking attempt and you wonder how they can pull this off.

​Challenges and Consolidation

For many, especially smaller IT partners, managing this multifaceted role independently is challenging. 

Each aspect of cybersecurity demands distinct expertise and experience, which can be a hurdle in finding the right talent.

While larger IT companies acquire smaller entities to address staff shortages and increased service demands, this isn't always viable for SMEs that value personal, local, and confidential collaboration with their IT partners. 

Embracing Cooperation

The solution lies in collaboration. Forming a close partnership with a reputable cybersecurity company grants IT partners access to specialized tools, technologies, and resources. At AXS Guard, supporting our partners is ingrained in our ethos. 

We recognize the distinct value that IT partners contribute and are committed to nurturing and fortifying their autonomy while facilitating collaboration. Our partnership involves joint marketing efforts, comprehensive technical support, an extensive range of services, and personalized assistance.

Whether IT partners opt for AXS Guard to handle customer onboarding, installation, configuration, management, maintenance, and managed security or prefer to manage these aspects themselves with our assistance whenever needed, our flexibility accommodates their varying needs.

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The Significance of Partnerships

​At AXS Guard, we recognize the significance of a robust and diverse partner network. Our commitment to supporting all IT partners ensures the delivery of effective and sustainable solutions. By continuously investing in our partnerships, we can offer a comprehensive range of cybersecurity solutions that ultimately benefit end customers.

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