Cyber danger also increasing in province of Luxembourg

IDELUX is working with AXS Guard on this new project

AXS Guard was selected along with RHEA Group and Easi Network to collaborate on IDELUX Public Projects' new project.

The goal? Nothing less than strengthening the cyber security of public institutions in the province of Luxembourg. This collaboration provides comprehensive cybersecurity support, enabling public institutions to strengthen and protect their digital ecosystems from the constant stream of digital threats.

This initiative enables government agencies to protect their digital infrastructure using a single point of contact: the collaboration between the RHEA Group and EASI Network (with AXS Guard).

Cyber threat also on the rise in Luxembourg

Government agencies today cannot operate without certain digital technologies. So with that in mind, it is crucial to take into account the potential cyber danger that these agencies may also potentially fall victim to. Municipalities and public organizations are increasingly aware of the risks these attacks pose to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data. This is certainly also the case along in the French-speaking part of Belgium.

​IDELUX and AXS Guard join forces

To address this threat, IDELUX Public Projects has established a progressive service contract. This contract provides comprehensive cybersecurity support, allowing government agencies to benefit from the latest security solutions and strategies. On our side, this is of course done through the AXS Guard solutions.

This support will provide municipalities with the resources and expertise needed to guard against cyber threats. This project not only strengthens the security of their digital systems, but also helps maintain citizen confidence by ensuring that sensitive data remains secure.


The IDELUX project is an important step forward in ensuring the cyber security of Luxembourg municipalities and public institutions. By joining forces with the RHEA Group EASI Network and AXS Guard of course, IDELUX provides an innovative solution that can serve as a model for other regions facing similar challenges.

Cyber danger also increasing in province of Luxembourg
Able bv, Joren De Breucker October 12, 2023

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