Remmicom: Securing public services

Remmicom secures their public sector customers with AXS Guard


As a government IT solutions provider, it is crucial for Remmicom to be able to ensure optimum security and connectivity for its customers.

Thanks to AXS GUARD, the company is able to remotely update the software of its clients and provide support via a secure connection if required. 

All municipal agencies are continuously connected to the main server at city hall, allowing them to securely access and use shared applications.

Thanks to Personal AXS GUARD, employees can work safely from home or while on the move. 2-factor authentication is enforced at all times for additional security.


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"Because we rely on AXS Guard to protect our services in the cloud, we can rest assured that our customers will always be able to benefit from the latest technologies cybersecurity has to offer.

Remmicom: Securing public services
Able bv, Dan Verbruggen December 11, 2023

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