Why should you activate version 11?

Not all automated updates are equal...

AXS Guard version 11 

Version 11 has recently been launched.

This new version introduces new possibilities for increased security in your company. Upgrading to this version is necessary to benefit from the following improvements:

    • Enhanced functionality: The latest version of AXS Guard comes with new features that improve productivity and efficiency.

    • Improved performance: This update offers faster load times and a more responsive user interface.

    • Increased security: We have incorporated security updates to provide better protection against cyberattacks and software vulnerabilities.

    • New features: By upgrading to the latest version of the software, you will have access to new features as they are released.

    • Better support: Our technical support team will first verify whether you have upgraded to the latest version before providing assistance with any problems or technical questions you may have.

Ready to go!

We're happy to announce that AXS Guard version 11 is now available on your appliance.

However, since this is a major upgrade, you will need to manually activate it. Before upgrading, a compatibility check will be performed to ensure that all parameters can be adopted and to identify any necessary adjustments. Here are the steps to follow:

    • Log in to the AXS Guard web-based administrator tool.

    • Perform the test upgrade to check for compatibility issues.

    • Make any suggested adjustments.

    • Accept the new version.

    • Schedule a reboot if necessary.

Release Notes

AXS Guard version 11 is quickly evolving with new features and improvements being added almost weekly. You can stay up-to-date with the latest changes by reading the release notes, which provide information on system improvements and new features.

Release notes » 

Need Help?

By following the simple steps above, you can upgrade to version 11 and take advantage of the new features and enhanced security. Please  contact our technical support team if you encounter any issues during the upgrade process.

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