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Strong authentication with Google & Microsoft
Secure and easy strong user authentication in an easy way

Strong authentication with Google & Microsoft

AXS GUARD launches the integration and support of Google and Microsoft Authenticators. This gives end users access to three strong two-factor authentication options in addition to the already existing OneSpan Digipass.

Secure authentication can avoid many problems. It is an essential part of daily (work) life, but it is often used. Witness the many data leaks that regularly reach the media. Another example is the annual list of most frequently used passwords, which unfortunately shows little change throughout the years.

"The use of static passwords, or always the same password, remains an underestimated danger," says Alex Ongena, manager and founder of AXS GUARD. "Despite the many warnings in the media, safe authentication remains a problem. That is why we are approaching SMEs to make it as easy as possible for them to protect themselves and their employees against the challenges of the internet. "

Google & Microsoft token support

To make secure authentication easier and more accessible, AXS GUARD integrates the 'Open Authentication' standard (OATH). This includes support for  Google and Microsoft Authenticators, which are available to end users as mobile app clients free of charge. For example, if you want to sign up for a platform or service, you must request a one-time, unique password in the Google or Microsoft app on the smartphone. In this way it becomes much more difficult for malicious imitators to break into.

"You can link multiple 'secrets' of multiple services to the Google and Microsoft authenticators," explains Ongena. "You can for example connect Gmail, Office365, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and many more to your login. So you only need one smartphone app to secure all OATH-compatible services - and there are so many. This is another important step in making internet security easier. "

The two-factor authentication can be used on AXS GUARD as of version 10. The upgrade to this version is part of the maintenance agreement as standard. Applications such as VPN, Proxy, Reverse Proxy, Authenticated Port Forwarding and Admin Tools can then be used. In addition, AXS GUARD can also be used as a radius server to secure external applications with two-factor authentication.

As efficient as possible

Companies can use these new authentication options from 32 euros per user per year (with a minimum of 5 users). Customers can also try out the functionality by means of a 'Buy & Try' during the first month. If you are not satisfied with the solution, you do not have to pay the first month and you can cancel your license free of charge. "In addition, you should not be afraid to change your (mobile) device: whoever buys a new smartphone, for example, can have his license blocked by his administrator and simply re-register on his new device," explains Dan Verbruggen, Sales & Marketing Director at AXS GUARD. "This tool will also become economically interesting."

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