Protect yourself against malware.

SecureDNS, a DNS platform designed by Secutec and integrated by

AXS Guard, provides an additional and easy-to-deploy solution to protect your organization against malware and phishing.

  • SecureDNS is completely transparent to the user.

  • Fast & efficient solution which produces immediate results.

  • Improves your cyber resilience in just minutes.

  • Easy to deploy and manage for administrators . Fully automated updates.

  • Detailed real-time statistics via the SecureDNS dashboard.

Block unwanted and suspicious network traffic at the DNS level, i.e. connections generated by spam, botnets, phishing, malware and other malicious software. Blocked connections are logged and categorized according to their severity and can be monitored via a dedicated dashboard.

SecureDNS Dashboard

This interactive dashboard allows you to: 

  • View all blocked connections and the reasons why they were blocked. 

  • View which computers or users are generating malicious DNS requests.

» AXS Guard SecureDNS dashboard

SecureDNS Dashboard

Test SecureDNS free for 15 days! 

We will activate the
Premium Threat Protection Pack on the AXS Guard appliance of your choice for a period of 15 days.

  1. Configure AXS Guard to manage all DNS queries in your network with just a few clicks. 

  2. Statistics will be visible immediately via the SecureDNS dashboard.

  3. Share this dashboard and its results with IT management.

  4. Improve your cyber resilience in just minutes.

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Did you know?
Our Premium Threat Protection Pack comprends SecureDNS, GeoIP filtering and advanced web and email security. It can be activated on any AXS Guard appliance.

"SecureDNS is a MUST-HAVE security solution for every business or organization."

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