Optimise your Microsoft365 traffic

Customers confirm: "with this feature we have smooth Office365 traffic".



A Computable Magazine article of 17 June 2019 (Office 365 issues with legacy networks (DUTCH))  states that excessive network latency causes major delays in Office365 implementations.

Additionally, 63% of 250 surveyed companies agree that project collaboration in an Office365 environment suffers from network-related problems. As a response to these complaints, Microsoft recommended its ExpressRoute solution, which allows companies to optimize their connection speeds when using Microsoft cloud services. But this solution is rather pricey, complex to configure and therefore often prohibitive for SMEs.

This is why AXS GUARD developed the "Office365 Fast Lane" solution, a cheaper alternative that is technically similar.


The solution consists of a setup wizard which allows system administrators to correctly configure firewall and other Office365 network settings on AXS GUARD in no time. <br>This way, employees can benefit from faster, optimized Office365 connection speeds and profit from <b>the increased responsiveness of frequently-used Office 365 applications</b>. 

Optimal network speeds are calculated in function of the total available Internet bandwidth, which is automatically measured by AXS GUARD.
After completing the wizard, users will immediately notice the result.
Settings can of course be adjusted manually afterwards if necessary. 

Customers who already tested our solution confirm: "after using the wizard, we immediately noticed a difference in responsiveness when using Office365 applications".


"Office365 Fast Lane" was implemented as a basic feature as of version 10.3 (as of Standard Bundle). Contact your AXS GUARD partner or contact  sales@axsguard.com for more information

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