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AXS GUARD offers more than 30 different features. Because each customer has different needs, all features have been organised into “bundles”.    

3 bundles are available: BASIC, STANDARD and ENTERPRISE, where the latter includes all features. An overview of all the features & bundles is available 

Here you will get a nice overview of the possibilities.

Administrators can enable or disable any feature included in their bundle via the appliance's web-based interface.
Unused features will not be shown in the configuration menu, which makes the abundance of configuration options and pages more manageable and easier to configure.

As Internet security is an ever-evolving landscape of threats and cyber attacks, we are constantly developing new features to meet the needs and demands of our customers and users. To keep you well-informed about current and future developments, the AXS GUARD feature activation page has been restyled in version 10.2.8. 
This should help you to:

  • See at a glance which features are already available on your system and whether or not they have been activated. 

  • Notice features that are not included in your software bundle, but which may be of interest to you

(Bundle upgrades are easy to acquire through your AXS GUARD reseller, who can remotely activate the necessary features. Once activated, your will immediately be able to configure and use newly purchased software modules.)

Screenshot feature activation page:

PAX Road Warrior
Plug & Play safe remote access