AXS Guard DNS filter: A Powerful Security Solution

DNS Filtering

​DNS filtering is a potent tool that empowers businesses to bolster security and effectively control access to websites. By blocking access to malicious websites and unwanted content, DNS filtering shields companies from various security threats, including malware, phishing attacks, and spam.

Benefits of DNS Filtering

There are many benefits to using DNS filtering, including:

  • Enhanced Security: DNS filtering offers robust protection against a wide array of security threats.
  • Controlled Website Access: It enables companies to regulate the websites their employees can visit, preventing access to inappropriate or distracting content.
  • Increased Productivity: By restricting access to distracting websites, DNS filtering helps employees to stay focused and enhances overall productivity.

How DNS Filtering works

DNS filtering operates by blocking access to malicious websites and unwanted content. When a user attempts to access a blocked website, their request is redirected to the DNS filtering server. Subsequently, the server cross-checks the website's domain name against a list of blocked websites. If the website is flagged as blocked, an error is issued to the user, effectively preventing access.

Why do I choose AXS Guard DNS filter?

Our DNS filtering solution stands out as a powerful and effective tool to enhance security and regulate website access. It boasts several features that make it a valuable choice for businesses:

  • Comprehensive Blocked Websites List: Our solution incorporates an extensive list of blocked websites, continuously updated to include new threats.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Configuring our solution is a breeze, allowing businesses to effortlessly add or remove websites from the blocked list.

  • Affordable Pricing Options: We offer flexible pricing options to accommodate businesses of all sizes.

  • Automatic updates: These updates ensure rapid response to new cyber threats. When new malicious domains or URLs are identified, they are blocked automatically.

Are you already qualifying for AXS Guard DNS filter?

To take advantage of these DNS filtering features, you need the Premium Threat Protection Pack. In it you will find not only DNS Security (DNS filter and SecureDNS) but also GeoIP filter and Premium Web and Email Content Security.  .

  • Customers who do not already have AXS Guard content scanning can easily have the Premium Threat Protection Pack added. It is immediately usable >> Request your quote
  • ​Customers who already have Content Scanning Essential or Standard can request an upgrade at

So DNS filtering's main benefits are increased security and the ability to control access to Web sites.

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