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KISS ME: Enhancing Cybersecurity for European SMEs

The European CYSSME project, affectionately pronounced "Kiss Me," is dedicated to enhancing the cybersecurity of small, medium, and micro-enterprises (SMEs) across Europe.

Smaller companies face significant online threats, and often cope with limited resources for protection. The European CYSSME project employs a targeted strategy that involves analyzing the cybersecurity and data protection needs of individual SMEs. This approach enables the project to provide tailor-made solutions more effectively.

To jumpstart their cybersecurity journey, CYSSME pairs participating companies with experienced mentors. These mentors create personalized action plans outlining key implementations and milestone objectives, providing continuous guidance, training, and knowledge exchange. This comprehensive approach empowers companies to achieve self-sufficiency in cybersecurity within 3 to 6 months.

Recognizing that European SMEs often have the necessary technology but lack awareness and individualized support, the CYSSME project was born. This initiative empowers any EU-based SME to take charge of their cybersecurity through a simple application process. 

Any SME within the EU can register via the application form at:

The vision of the CYSSME project is to equip companies with a multi-layered security system they can confidently manage on their own beyond the 3-year program. Notably, all components within the system, including AXS Guard, are proudly developed in Europe. 

Discover how CYSSME can help your SME thrive in the digital age:

AXS Guard proudly serves as a partner and a key member of the CYSSME steering group. We collaborate with other European cybersecurity companies to enhance and complete the product offerings.

The CYSSME initiative is funded and coordinated by the European Union's Digital Europe programme through the European Cybersecurity Competence Center (ECCC).

The CYSSME consortium includes partners such as AXS Guard, Better Access, Ceeyu, Cross-Border Commerce Europe, CyberTrust Austria, Exalens, L3CE, LSECLupasafe NoCode-X, Toreon, and UNIZO.

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