GDPR compliant in one click
with AXS Guard version 8.3.3

GDPR compliant in one click

AXS GUARD launches version 8.3.3. This update adds a reporting center to the existing AXS GUARD environment and makes it faster and easier than ever to create a security report for the entire company. With this update an SME is 'GDPR compliant' with one click.

"Good reporting is important for every company, large or small," says Alex Ongena, managing director of AXS GUARD. "Even apart from the recent introduction of the GDPR, it is important to have a user-friendly reporting facility that can help both companies - and the system administrator - to put things in order, and help us to better assist our partners and customers."

The new tool makes it possible to provide reports with:

  • Log-in activity: the authentication and authorization report helps to detect suspicious activity and immediately stop it.

  • Malware detection: the malware report shows at a glance which threats were stopped by the AXS GUARD.

  • Prohibited Websites: This report helps detect the originally infected computer from which the rest of the company was attacked and prevents data leaks.

  • Configuration adjustments: with this report, the audit administration gets a better view of changes that have occurred on the network, ranging from modified passwords to modifications to the firewall

"We consciously choose to roll out this function already," says Alex Ongena. "With the GDPR it has proved to be an urgent matter, but since that is not the only application of reporting, we will in the longer term - automatically - extend it. At a later point, reports can then be exported to PDF files, which is useful for management reporting, for example. "

Read the interview with Alex in Smart Business here (Dutch)

AXS Guard & GDPR White Paper 

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