To provide a more secure access, AXS GUARD integrated strong user authentication support, like Two Factor Authentication (2FA),  on all AXS GUARD versions Basic, Standard & Enterprise.

By generating a one time pasword on a token or mobile app, the usage of a static pasword can be avoided or it can add more security to a static password (like a pin).

The one-time password can be used...

  • to access the AXS GUARD admin tool,

  • to authenticate on the proxy server,

  • with VPN access (PPTP, SSTP, OpenVPN, PAX Road Warrior)

  • to connect to webservers through the AXS GUARD reverse proxy

  • on the authenticated Port Forwarding functionality

  • and If you have another Radius client, it can also authenticate its users on the AXS GUARD.  

AXS GUARD supports:

  • DIGIPASS from OneSpan (previously VASCO)

  • OATH, used by Google & Microsoft authenticator apps

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BUY & TRY OATH (Google & Microsoft) For 30 days



      • Radius Server

      • Single Sign-on tool

      • Ident server

      • AD back-end authentication

      • Built in strong user authentication for:

        • AXS GUARD Admin tool

        • Radius clients

        • Firewall and Web access

        • VPN (PPtP, SStP, IPSec, OpenVPN, PAX ROAD WARRIOR)

        • SSL-VPN web portal (Enterprise Edition)

        • Application Firewall (Enterprise Edition)

        • Imap/Webmail (Content Scanning)


      • Licensing  OneSpan (per 5 users minimum) 

        • Vacman Controller licence

        • one time licence purchase with yearly maintenance 

      • DIGIPASS authenticator (can be mixed - minimum quantity 5)

        • GO6 or GO7 hardware

        • DIGIPASS for mobile, with yearly maintenance

      • Licensing  OATH (per 5 users minimum) 

        • AXS GUARD OATH licence (= fee per year)

        • Google or Microsoft authenticator app

          • FREE of charge (download in app store)


      • Online Manuals

      • Knowledge Base Articles, like

        • How to set up Google Authenticator?

        • How to set up Microsoft Authenticator? 

      Read more