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1. AXS GUARD ADDS A PINCH OF INTELLIGENCE TO SMART CASH REGISTERS Verso Food – a service company based in Wommelgem - provides on-site butchering and catering services to large retailers. The company is known for its shop-in-shop concepts such as “De Beenhouwers” and “Ikana”. The company takes care of every business-related aspect, from fresh meat delivery to the provisioning of infrastructure, staffing and pricing, allowing its customers to integrate a worry-free solution into their existing store formula. Each shop-in-shop concept comes with its own challenges and has specific characteristics, but they all share a dedication to quality and smooth logistics. Verso Food currently manages 70 stores throughout Flanders and Brussels. Thanks to its professional and innovative approach, the company continues to grow each year. It employs 280 workers who ensure that everything continues to run smoothly. In 2007 - the year during which Verso Food became an independent organization - the company was looking for an IT partner who could provide a solution to securely connect its various subsidiaries to corporate headquarters. Besides the security aspect, ease of use and convenience were also crucial requirements. A swift installation and easy configuration procedures were an absolute necessity to ensure that new subsidiaries could become fully operational and get connected in no time. CUSTOMER PROFILE CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS • Secure site-to-site connections (VPN technology) • Fast and reliable data exchange between shops and corporate headquarters • Reduces energy, service and maintenance costs thanks to central management A reliable system for secure data exchange between our shops and corporate headquarters is an invaluable asset for our daily operations. After a thorough market analysis, AXS GUARD turned out to be the best solution in terms of flexibility, security and cost of ownership. So we went for their solution without hesitation.

2. AXS GUARD – ABLE NV Dellingstraat 28b - 2800 Mechelen - België After doing some research, the Verso Food corporation ended up with Accel - one of our trusted resellers - who proposed the Personal AXS GUARD (PAX) solution. This hardware solution is based on the VPN security model and can be quickly deployed in remote offices or stores, allowing them to securely exchange data with corporate headquarters. In this case, each smart cash register of a store is securely and permanently connected to the AXS GUARD gateway of the Verso Food head office with a PAX unit. This allows corporate headquarters to centrally manage and monitor all cash registers, which is a unique feature. The head office can now remotely read out stock data, manage their staff’s time and attendance records and update price information on the fly. Needless to say that this makes day-to-day operations incredibly more efficient. Installing a PAX unit is also child’s play. Ordering a new PAX Home Office unit and plugging it into the cash register is all it takes to securely connect new stores to corporate headquarters. THE PAX SOLUTION IN A NUTSHELL Verso Food offers shop-in-shop solutions to large retailers. To safely and easily connect their smart cash registers with corporate headquarters, the company sought an IT partner who could come up with a suitable solution. Accel, one of our trusted resellers, proposed the Personal AXS GUARD security solution. Thanks to Personal AXS GUARD, Verso Food can now remotely manage and monitor its smart cash registers, securely exchange data with all its subsidiaries and install system updates in a centralized fashion. Accel configures and manages all AXS GUARD site-to-site connecti ons for the Verso Food corporation. The company is based in Edegem and specializes in cloud solutions, IT infrastructure and related services. Automation, IT security, proactive monitoring and training are just a small selection from its wide range of services. Accel mainly focuses on SMEs based in the region of Antwerp. MORE INFO? Check or contact us via or +32 15 50 44 00.


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