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1. VANDENBROUCKE WINDOW SOLUTIONS ADOPTS AXS GUARD INTERNET SECURITY Vandenbroucke Window Solutions is a family business which specializes in the production and installation of doors and windows. With more than 80 years of experience, the Flemish company based in Wevelgem delivers a personalized customer service, top-quality products and aesthetically pleasing designs. This Belgian company in full expansion provides services to large businesses as well as small customers. To meet the ever-increasing online security requirements and to be able to carry out their daily activities with confidence, the Flemish company wanted to play it safe. With its dynamic environment and traveling account managers, a reliable and secure mobile access solution quickly became a necessity. To streamline the implementation of its IT infrastructure, the company went looking for a partner who could take care all its IT-related challenges, from installation to online monitoring and on- site support. CUSTOMER PROFILE CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS • Optimal security for the corporate network • Simple mobile access solutions (VPN) • GDPR compliance • Scalable & modular solution for growing businesses

2. AXS GUARD – ABLE NV Dellingstraat 28b - 2800 Mechelen - België As of 2012, Vandenbroucke has been working closely together with CBM ICT Solutions. This IT partner - based in Waregem - has managed their entire IT infrastructure ever since. CBM opted for AXS GUARD, a Belgian company which also focuses on a personal customer approach. Because Internet security requires more than just a firewall, Vandenbroucke went for the AXS GUARD content scanning solution. This way, its company network is not only shielded from potential external threats, but its internal business applications, mail traffic and VPN connections are also secured, in compliance with the GDPR. SOLUTION IN A NUTSHELL Just like us, AXS GUARD goes for top quality in product and service. That is why we have been a loyal customer for years. Vandenbroucke Window Solutions is a dynamic company which needed a secure remote access solution for its account managers. With AXS GUARD, the company can now perform its daily activities without any worries and has become GDPR-compliant at the same time. This AXS GUARD project was carried out by CBM ICT SOLUTIONS (now B-Inside). CBM provides high-quality ICT services. In addition to being an IT infrastructure expert, the company also specializes in VoIP telephony, cloud computing, online security and managed printing services. MORE INFO? Check or contact us via or +32 15 50 44 00.


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