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Sabca working securely with AXS GUARD

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1. Working securely with AXS GUARD SABCA (Société Anonyme Belge de Contructions Aéronautiques) is a Belgian company that has been founded in 1920 and is specialized in aerospace tech - nology: design, production and support. The headquarter is located in Brussels, but SABCA also has a plant in Charleroi and a daughter company in Lummen. Like in every company, SABCA can not afford that its network fails and security is an absolute must. But because of the confidential character of the information, security deserves detailed attention. PAST “SABCA is active in the sector of civilian and mili - tary airplanes, but also in the aerospace segment. This kind of activity requires a lot of research and development. We need a system that keeps the data secure 24/7,” explains Roland Soyes , head of the department Information Systems at SABCA. 30 years ago, questions rose at SABCA about how employees could securely use e-mail and how the access to the internet could be guaranteed. AXS GUARD could convince Roland Soyes with its excellent refer - ences. “I remember that the predecessor of the AXS GUARD was already set up at different banks and that it was thoroughly tested. The “blue box” (AXS GUARD) would give us secure access to the internet. We haven’t regretted our choice one moment. Originally only a few employees used e-mail, but as the digital revolution hit home, our network needed more capacity and a more powerful server. That’s why we did two hardware updates during the last ten years and why we opted for a second ADSL-line to support the really large fi les”. PRESENT Currently, there are two AXS GUARD’s placed before the network in Brussels. This headquar - ter is connected with the plant in Charleroi, where also an AXS GUARD has been placed. Lummen has its own network, but is protected in the same way. SABCA uses almost every functionality that the AXS GUARD has to offer. There is the firewall that filters the incoming and outgoing internet traffic. The ad- ministrator has imposed a couple of security rules to the users. Certain files can not be downloaded: they take up too much space and they have an increased risk of malware. Besides that the AXS GUARD serves as mailserver and protects the network against spam, viruses and phishing. The statistics and log files per user give an overview of what is happening on the network. AXS GUARD also secures a DMZ-server (demilitarized zone) between the LAN and the Internet. CASE STUDY The AXS GUARD already has a rich history. The network security of companies matured together with the AXS GUARD. The network expanded, Internet became more important and the difficulties and threats that accompanied these trends became more complex. SABCA is such a company. Twenty years ago, the specialist in aerospace design bought the first version of the AXS GUARD (known as UNI-box) and today they still work and in a secure way. A short chronicle of 2 decennia of trust... SABCA’S COMPUTER NETWORK ALREADY MORE THAN 20 YEARS SECURE

2. ABLE nv Dellingstraat 28b 2800 Mechelen Belgium +32 15 50 44 00 info@axsguard.com SABCA Group is one of the main aerospace and defence actors in Belgium, be - longing to Dassault Group and Fokker Technologies (GKN Group). It is made up of SABCA S.A. and its subsidiaries SABCA Limburg and ASM Aéro, and conducts its operations from Belgium’s three regions (Brussels Capital Region, Gosselies in Wallonia, and Lummen in Flanders) as well as Casablanca, Morocco.. AXS GUARD offers an all-in-one security solution for your company to seamlessly and securely connect your internal network infrastructure and applications to the Internet. Our solution can be integrated into any network and is easy to manage. AXS GUARD is speci fi cal - ly designed to provide secure site-to-site connections, personal remote access, strong authentica - tion, etc. and is the fi rst line of protection against malware and other cyber-attacks. Your productivity is improved as downtime is eliminated. Our team of professionals is always ready to help, both from distance and on location. Outsiders can, for example, put large files on the FTP-server without burdening the internal network. The configuration and the parameters are being entered and adapted through a simple web interface. It is that applica - tion that gained the approval of André Baus , IT-technical Manager at SABCA: “Although the dangers of the Internet become more numerous and more complex and therefore also the functionalities, the web interface stays user friendly. Our company grows, our current needs differs from those in the past, but AXS GUARD grows along with us, both in size and in the field of functionalities. When there are a lot of inno - vations on the agenda, we organize an informative session with the people of AXS GUARD. Afterwards we can continue to independently adapt the parameters according to our own wishes at that time. The configuration never gets lost, because AXS GUARD always makes a back-up which can immedi - ately restore our environment if that would be necessary.” AXS GUARD is developed from the thought that an orga - nization is continuously changing. The total solution unites hardware, software, support, installation and training. Often, support services make or break an IT-product. And according to André Baus, AXS GUARD’s support is so excel - lent that SABCA’s confidence in AXS GUARD has only grown. “In general, we do not need to consult our partner often, because we adapt the parameters ourselves. If we do have questions about new modules or specific configurations, there is always an excellent helpdesk. AXS GUARD indicates when software updates are available. Those updates can happen automatically, but we prefer to decide ourselves when we update,” Baus continues. FUTURE SABCA also equipped employees with DIGIPASS. VASCO’s authentication solution and VACMAN Controller, is natively integrated in AXS GUARD. This allows SABCA-employees to get secure remote access to the network via a one-time pass - word. Strong authentication assures an even bet - ter network security and is used by users who are often traveling, like commercial employees. “As a result of our many years of cooperation, we follow the advice of AXS GUARD regarding network security. Now the trend inclines to strong authentica - tion, we surely want to participate in that.” In a world where soft- and hardware products come and go, the AXS GUARD remains a fixed value. An - dré Baus: “You know what it is? In IT you often come across products that do not do what was promised, that are too complicated, or that just disappear. And then you are stuck with your solution. After 30 years, the AXS GUARD still stays the preamble of everything concerning internet security: reliable, efficient and easy to configurate.”


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