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1. TRY IT FIRST You can evaluate and test the Premium Content Scanning solution during 2 weeks, free of charge. Contact your AXS GUARD partner for more information. or By e-mail: By phone: +32 15 50 44 00 more info on NEW! PREMIUM (CLOUD) CONTENT SCANNING FOR MAXIMUM INTERNET SECURITY! The media often report on ransomware and other viruses capable of paralyzing the activity of an entire company for several weeks at a time. At AXS GUARD, we are committed to the constant development of innovative techniques to provide the best protection against various types of cyberthreats. To counter the activities of increasingly ambitious and inventive hackers, we developed the AXS GUARD Premium Con - tent Scanning solution, which uses over 70 antivirus engines and domain blacklists, in addition to a variety of tools for extracting useful information from the analyzed content. Our solution also incorporates Google Safe Browsing , which automatically recognizes and blocks any questionable links in corporate emails. This combination of intelligent technologies is unique in the SME market and provides astonishing results. Choose an affordable and comprehensive solution! Existing customers don’t have to adjust anything to their existing configuration. The Premium Content Scanning module will be installed and activated automatically after purchasing a license. END SPAM, PHISHING AND ZERO-DAY ATTACKS TODAY

2. DISCOVER ALL PREMIUM CONTENT SCANNING FEATURES Our Premium Content Scanning solution automatically checks and protects all your Internet traffic. MORE INFO? go to or contact us or +32 15 50 44 00 AXS GUARD – ABLE NV Dellingstraat 28b - 2800 Mechelen - Belgium MONITOR YOUR NETWORK WITH THE REPORTING FUNCTIONALITY AXS GUARD records the details of all activities on your network. With the statistics and reporting fea - ture, you can gather all the necessary information about any type of activity with just a few clicks. E-MAIL WEB BROWSING Questionable emails are blocked automatically. Our solu - tion allows you to configure custom mail filters and use predefined filters which check any e-mail attachment. Pre - mium Content Scanning stops harmful software, spyware, viruses, and phishing attempts in their tracks. • GENERAL FEATURES • SMTP relay (Mail Transfer Agent) • SMTP scanning • IMAP scanning • POP3 scanning (remote mailbox retrieval) • Webmail scanning • Web cache / acceleration proxy • Relay Proxy • WPAD • Automatic update of anti-malware and antivirus definitions • AXS GUARD CLOUD SCAN service • Quarantines infected messages • Automatic deletion of unwanted emails • TECHNICAL FEATURES • Anti-relay check • Email header check • Helo check • MIME header check • Anti-spoofing • Address format check • SPF support • Filtering based on white and black lists (basic) • EMAIL FILTERING • Filtering based on white and black lists (Premium) • Detection of malicious content in compressed files. (zip, rar, etc.) • Configure mail policies by user, group or at the network level • Blocking of selected senders and recipients • SPAM FILTERING • Various spam detection strategies • Advanced filtering by regular expressions • Automated spam score calculations • Bayesian learning • Customizable spam score thresholds • ATTACHMENT FILTERING • Configure filters for potentially harmful email attachments • Recursive filtering algorithm, up to 1000 levels • ANTIVIRUS AND ANTI-MALWARE • ClamAV • Trend Micro • AXS GUARD CLOUD SCAN (Premium solution using more than 70 antivirus engines and domain blacklists) • Google Safe Browsing • Reinforced protection against phishing attempts and zero-day vulnerabilities The AXS GUARD proxy server is an essential tool for filter - ing undesired Internet traffic and to protect your network against advanced cyberattacks. This is achieved with the help of various techniques, such as the use of white and black lists, automated updates and the possibility to configure custom filters. Web access policies can be configured for specific comput - ers, groups, users or company-wide. The proxy allows you to decide who can download what and when. AXS GUARD also scans authorized content to ensure that no malicious content slips through the cracks. • GENERAL FEATURES • Webmail analysis • Analysis of FTP traffic • HTTP and HTTPS traffic analysis • Automated updates of trusted CA authorities (SSL inspec - tion) • VPN traffic analysis • Support for strong authentication (2FA) • TECHNICAL FEATURES • Filtering based on white and black lists of IP addresses • Preconfigured black lists • Free black list updates • Java execution blocking, cookies, Active X controls • Integrated HTML and XML analysis engine • WEB TRAFFIC FILTERING • Management of web access policies by user / group / network • Basic and advanced URL filtering • White and black lists (Premium solution) • Time restrictions • Strong authentication • Antivirus (ClamAV, Trend Micro, AXS GUARD CLOUD) • Anti-Phishing (ClamAV, Trend Micro, AXS GUARD CLOUD) • DOWNLOAD CONTROLS • Real-time analysis of downloaded files • File extension checks • HTTP extension filter • Inspection of file contents


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