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Prayon implements AXS GUARD to secure its network, VPN and e-mail traffic

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1. Prayon implements AXS GUARD to secure its network, VPN and e-mail traffic Belgium’s based Prayon Group is today a world leader in phos - phate chemicals, with 20 com - panies in more than 10 coun - tries. From its sites around the world, Prayon produces and sells a wide range of both phosphate products (phosphoric acids and derived salts) and fluorine prod - ucts. Although virtually unknown to the general public, they are widely used as raw materials in the manufacture of finished products, such as foods (baked goods, meat, process cheese, fish and seafood, cereals, fruits and vegetables), drinks and pharmaceuticals (toothpaste, oral hygiene products). They are also used in various industrial applications. STRONG REPUTATION AND EXCELLENT SUPPORT To be able to protect the corporate network and to ensure that employees can access the internet, e-mails and applications in a secure way, Prayon wanted to imple - ment a straightforward solution to replace the existent solution in place. “We were looking for a solution that had some supple - mentary functionality like the reports that say which threats are blocked by the firewall and the reasons why. Our previous solution did not cover all our needs. CELEM has helped us to look at different solutions and we decided to partner with AXS GUARD as they have built a strong reputation in security”, says Richard Zajaczkowski, IT Manager at Prayon . “We installed AXS GUARD since we believe it is the most comprehensive solution on the market. We read a lot of positive news about AXS GUARD in the press and we think it is a huge advantage that AXS GUARD is based in Belgium. We were looking for a vendor with a customer support service that is easy to contact and provides us with all the necessary support. We can confidently say that we have found the customer support service of AXS GUARD of a very high quality and that we are very happy with the implemented solution”, Richard Zajaczkowski says. Since Prayon implemented AXS GUARD system down - times have been reduced to zero. System stability is fur - ther assured by the synchronization of data between two connected AXS GUARD appliances. If a hardware failure occurs or the Internet connection with the main system is lost, the back-up system will take over all tasks without disrupting network service. SECURE NETWORK ACCESS FOR ALL OFFICES Prayon wanted to implement a solution that could assure safe access for the employees to the Prayon network anywhere and at any time. To secure the corporate data contained in the network, the company deployed AXS GUARD’s SSL VPN module. This allows Prayon to create so called e-tunnels between two VPN points for each VPN connection. These tunnels provide a high level of security to protect the transmit - ted data. They allow all traffic to be passed through the same e-tunnel and the system will automatically back up all information without any human intervention. Furthermore, all configurations of the network are supported by standard static routes that are easy to configure with complete access-control through firewall rights. Since all configurations are done on the AXS GUARD, the users don’t experience any difficulties to connect to the corporate network. All they have to do is remember the link to the portal to have access to all files and applications which makes it a very user-friendly solution that is easy to manage. CASE STUDY Prayon is a world leader in the phosphate sector. To make sure its network is secured and well monitored, Prayon has installed AXS GUARD. Decisive factors were high availability and strong support. It is very important to Prayon that the corporate information remains secure at all times. AXS GUARD provides the company with an easy to manage solution tailored to its needs.

2. ABLE nv Dellingstraat 28b 2800 Mechelen Belgium +32 15 50 44 00 Summary: Objective Implement a comprehensive security solution to secure Prayon’s network, VPN and e-mail traffic Challenge User-friendliness from an administrative point of view was a decisive factor. Furthermore stability and sup - port were top priorities. Solution Prayon implemented AXS GUARD Enterprise solution. High availability and excellent support ensure that downtime is non-existent. Administrators can easily configure the security settings tailored to the compa - ny’s policies and needs. Prayon is a world leader in the phosphate sector. The Group manufactures an extensive range of phosphate and fluorine products that are used in food applications, industrial applications, fertilizers and other applications such as pharmaceuticals. Belgium’s based Prayon Group is today a world leader in phosphate chemicals, with 20 companies in more than 10 countries. AXS GUARD offers an all-in-one security solution for your company to seamlessly and securely connect your internal network infrastructure and applications to the Internet. Our solution can be integrated into any network and is easy to manage. AXS GUARD is specifical - ly designed to provide secure site-to-site connections, personal remote access, strong authentica - tion, etc. and is the first line of protection against malware and other cyber-attacks. Your productivity is improved as downtime is eliminated. Our team of professionals is always ready to help, both from distance and on location.. PROTECTION AGAINST MALICIOUS SOFTWARE AXS GUARD allows Prayon to secure its network in a very ef - fective way. By implementing the anti-phising and anti-spam modules, the company can keep its network free from mal - ware at any time. “It is almost impossible to provide all the computers in our network with anti-spyware and anti-phising software. By im - plementing AXS GUARD , malware is stopped at the gateway; so there is no longer any need to deploy specialized soft - ware on each end-user’s PC”, Richard Zajaczkowski states. To be able to block the malware, AXS GUARD uses different services, pattern files and blacklists. These blacklists are updated on a regular basis and the updates are commu - nicated to the system administrator by e-mail so he knows when changes have been made. AXS GUARD is a multi lay - ered defense system. “We had a lot of spam problems in the past, but since we im - plemented AXS GUARD solution the spam problem has been reduced significantly. Our e-mails for example, are checked before they come into our mailbox. Not only the e-mail ad - dress but also the content is scanned for malicious URL’s. And an added advantage of the AXS GUARD is that the ap - pliance has an extensive reporting functionality to inform you about the blocked traffic which is obviously very useful to us,” says Richard Zajaczkowski. CONTENT SCANNING TO CONTROL INTERNET USE AND E-MAIL TRAFFIC AXS GUARD’s content scanner offers a complete solution to keep track of Internet and e-mail traffic. This can be done by configurating an URL or webfilter. E-mail traffic can also be filtered based on domain name, servers or individual de - signed blacklists. Furthermore, administrators are able to adapt the rules to a certain user group. Different users for instance, will have dif - ferent access rights. Prayon is now able to control all mail and Internet traffic in an easy and effective way. “We are very pleased that it was so easy for us to im - plement a solution that covers all or security needs. The easy configuration and the monitoring of all traffic definitely makes the AXS GUARD the perfect solution for us”, Richard Zajaczkowski tells us. CELEM is a company specialized in the installation and assembly of PCs and servers for professional use. They also provide complete security solutions and network instal - lations to companies (Telecom, Internet, Firewall, VPN).


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