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2. AXS GUARD – ABLE NV Dellingstraat 28b - 2800 Mechelen - België IN A NUTSHELL Regardless of your occupation, the PAX Road Warrior device is the perfect way to connect in a secure way to your organization’s network. Personal access to applications and corporate data is very simple to configure. Simply plug the device into a USB port or wall socket. Enter your credentials with a few clicks and you’re connected! Easy as it should be. Employees on a business trip Employees who often travel abroad primarily connect to the corporate network via unknown and insecure Wi-Fi networks. The PAX Warrior device carefully controls access to your corporate network and ensures that only authorized personnel can access the company’s private network resources and applications. External consultants External consultants who are temporarily employed by a company may also need to access the company’s network. These “external parties” often use their own equipment, e.g. la ptops, PCs or tablets. As the security of these personal devices cannot be verified, it is crucial to protect your corporate network in a proactive manner. The PAX Road Warrior solution allows you to do just that. Its e mbedded software is based on the VPN security model and offers all of it s benefits packaged into a small USB device. For added security, it is possible to implement strong authenti cation policies on the server side. With this USB solution, mobile work is taken to a new level. Your IT department can easily configure PAX Road Warrior units t o, for example, limit access to authorized users and specific applicati ons in a fully centralized way. In addition, event logs are centrally and securely stored on th e company’s AXS GUARD VPN gateway. This data is only accessible t o authorized personnel. Data protection (GDPR compliance) is ther efore guaranteed. The PAX Road Warrior operates as a wireless access point, requi ring no software installation. Simply plug it into a USB port or wal l socket. It only takes a few clicks to safely connect to the corporate netw ork. Plug & play! Traffic destined for the corporate network is encrypted automatic ally to ensure confidentiality. PAX ROAD WARRIOR BENEFITS MORE INFO? Check or contact us via or +32 15 50 44 00.

1. PERSONAL AXS GUARD (PAX) ROAD WARRIOR: SECURE AND PERSONALIZED REMOTE ACCESS TO THE CORPORATE NETWORK The PAX Road Warrior device is designed specifically for business travelers. It offers secure and easy access to the corporate network and its applications. Software isn’t required; a connection to a wireless network and a few clicks are enough to get a secure connection in no time. Telecommuting is becoming a standard, but with it also the theft of sensitive data, online fraud, sabotage and malicious software. The number and complexity of cyberattacks grows by the day. That’s why online security is our number one priority. In the following paragraphs we explain how the PAX Road Warrior solution can help you achieve security in several occupations. Municipal authorities Opposition councilors must have access to the minutes and the agenda of the municipal council, but not to the general administration data. Thanks to the PAX Road Warrior device, separate access privileges to accommodate all council members can be configured in no time. In addition, the mayor and his deputies often have parallel occupations and need a secure mobile access solution to swiftly access sensitive data and documents. The PAX Road Warrior device allows you to securely connect to private network resources from any Wi-Fi network. If no internet access is available, the user’s smartphone can be used as a modem, a.k.a. tethering. WHO IS IT FOR? WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE THE PAX ROAD WARRIOR SOLUTION? • Ultra-mobile telecommuting solution • Great ease of use • Secure and personalized access to the corporate network • Easy configuration • Extended server-side user reports and event logs • Automated data encryption This device gives us tremendous flexibility. We can connect safely without worrying about the technicalities.


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