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1. ON-SITE INTERVENTIONS BECOME A THING OF THE PAST THANKS TO A SECURED REMOTE ACCESS EASY PRODUCTION FOLLOW-UP & INCREASING UPTIME Productivity dips? Machine downtime resulting in a diminished production volume? With the AXS GUARD Industrial all-in-one, your machines can be configured to send reports directly to your business software, allowing you to detect problems in real time before they turn into headaches. EASY MAINTENANCE PLANNING & AI READY The AXS GUARD Industrial all-in-one solution allows you to plan and schedule the maintenance of your IoT equipment more efficiently to prevent unforeseen downtime. SAFETY FIRST AXS GUARD is a Belgian cybersecurity company protecting thousands of indus - trial networks. Safety is the first priority when it comes to connecting your IoT production equipment and smart devices to your local network and the Inter - net. Our solution uses the latest Internet security standards, centralized user management and carefully tracks all logins. IoT and smart devices produce a lot of data that is important to you and your organi - zation. This data, which may be confidential, often can only be extracted and read by dedicated manufacturers or personnel on site. The AXS GUARD Industrial all-in-one solution is designed to securely connect your IoT production equipment to the Internet, so that it stays protected from hackers, but acces - sible to authorized personnel. AXS GUARD INDUSTRIAL ALL-IN-ONE PROTECTS YOUR SMART & IOT PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT The AXS GUARD Industrial all-in-one solution allows you to remotely monitor, in - vestigate and troubleshoot problems in your production line by securely logging in to your IoT production equipment. This allows you to save a lot of time and money, as potential issues can be detected and solved faster.

2. WANT TO LEARN MORE? To talk to our technical staff about specs or for other questions, contact or call +32 15 50 44 00. Dellingstraat 28b - 2800 Malines - Belgium The AXS GUARD Industrial all-in-one device uses dedicated software, digital certificates and encryption to connect to a central AXS GUARD server. The server automatically handles the configuration, network, firewall and routing configuration of every all-in-one device. All traffic towards the Internet is encrypted and subject to AXS GUARD security policies. Authentication and security policies govern all network traffic coming from and going to your IoT network. If the connection towards the AXS GUARD server is interrupted, e.g. because of a broken Internet connection, the all-in-one device is still capable of detecting and stopping all local attacks independently. When the Internet con - nection is restored, the all-in-one device will automatically reconnect to the AXS GUARD server. The AXS GUARD appliance is available as a bare-metal, virtual or cloud server and can manage thousands of Indus - trial all-in-one devices simultaneously, from any location. Hardware Specifications: • Fanless design • DIN - rail mountable • 2 USB 2.0 (customization) • Power supply: 12-24v DC with over-voltage pro - tection • 2x 10/100/1000 mbit Base-T Ethernet with 1.5 KV magnetic isolated protection • 8 TTL-DIO (customization) • 1 Serial port RS232 / RS422 / RS485 (customiza - tion) • 2 USB 2.0 ports (customization) • 1 VGA - 1920x1200 (customization) • Operating temperature (-20 - +70 C°) • FCC and CE approved HOW DOES IT WORK? Secure and scalable solution Cost-effective Centralized control No hidden costs Increased uptime Easy installation and configuration ADVANTAGES & FEATURES AXS GUARD Industrial All-in-one AXS GUARD MACHINE ONSITE Main office OFF-SITE Production facility Maintenance & repair


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