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1. PAX: a VPN solution that just works. Everywhere. All the time. NEW! PAX ROAD WARRIOR MADE IN EUROPE


8. CONTACT US AXS GUARD - ABLE NV Phone: +32 15 50 44 00 Dellingstraat 28b - 2800 Mechelen - Belgium

2. PERSONAL AXS GUARD (PAX): THE VPN SOLUTION THAT JUST WORKS! Nothing is more annoying than an unstable VPN connection. Users get frustrated and your IT department loses precious time troubleshooting issues. A waste of corporate resources and money. It only gets worse if it happens to your own customers and your reputation and credibility take a hit in the process. PAX beats software VPN solutions Setting up a VPN connection usually requires the use of dedicated software. With every software update, you are potentially exposed to new issues that both users and system administrators have to face and troubleshoot. PAX is an embedded VPN solution created by and for AXS GUARD. It combines dedicated hardware and software into a single VPN solution, which: • Guarantees easy and safe access to your corporate network resources • Can be used as a personal or shared device • Does not require the installation and configuration of client-side software • Offers fully automated and transparent updates • Just works out of the box

7. ABOUT AXS GUARD Manufacturer and creator of Internet security solutions years of experience in the field businesses secured by AXS GUARD A strong commitment to customer service excellence 20+ 1500+

3. OTHER ADVANTAGES: • All Road Warrior units are centrally managed, just like the home and small office solutions. • Reduces the workload of your IT department. • Very simple to use, secure and reliable. • Requires no software installation and maintenance on the client side. • Only needs a USB connection; can be connected to every computer or device equipped with a USB port. • A 100% scalable VPN solution, suitable for any employee. • Automated, fully transparent updates and remote support services. This USB-powered device functions as a personal wireless access point (Wi-Fi hotspot). Its user-friendly interface allows users to set up a wireless Internet connection in no time, just as they would on any mobile device. Once connected to the Internet, users are invited to enter their credentials to establish a secure connection to company headquarters. The corporate AXS GUARD VPN server authenticates each device by means of a unique digital certificate. All communications towards corporate headquarters are encrypted. Simple, secure & always works. NEW - PAX ROAD WARRIOR

5. PAX ROAD WARRIOR • For the business traveler or homeworker • 1 simultaneous VPN connection • USB-powered • Wi-Fi hotspot PAX HOME OFFICE • For homeworkers • Work remotely as if you were in the office • Supports up to 2 simultaneous VPN connections • Ethernet or Wi-Fi PAX SMALL OFFICE • For satellite offices • Supports up to 10 users • Permanent VPN connection with corporate HQ • Ethernet only €125 €420 €550 Meer info?

4. A SOLUTION FOR EVERY EMPLOYEE PAX HOME OFFICE The ideal solution for home workers. This plug & play device offers the same convenience as a classic home router. Private Internet usage remains strictly separated from access to corporate network resources. Wireless connections (2.4GHz and 5 GHz) are also supported. PAX SMALL OFFICE For satellite or small offices Conceived especially for satellite offi - ces, the PAX Small Office is the ideal solution for a safe, permanent and reliable connection to your corpora - te network. The device supports up to 10 simul - taneous connections. Network access policies and other configuration options related to the device are centrally managed on the corporate AXS GUARD VPN server. PAX ROAD WARRIOR Our most popular model to date. If you are always on the road, the PAX Road Warrior is definitely the solution you are looking for. This ultra portable “VPN on a stick” provides secure access to corporate network resources in no time. Little to no technical knowledge is required. It’s just a matter of plug - ging in the device, joining a wireless network and logging in.


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