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1. AXS GUARD SECURELY CONNECTS LAAKDAL’S EXTERNAL BRANCHES TO MUNICIPAL HEADQUARTERS Since 2016, the municipality of Laakdal has been a loyal customer of Remmicom, a company that specializes in computer software and hardware destined for government use. The company integrates the latest technologies into the computer infrastructure of various local and federal government agencies. Remmicom has been a faithful AXS GUARD partner for many years. With the construction of a new city hall in 2016, the council of Laakdal also decided to renew its entire computer infrastructure to securely connect all public services within its district. Schools, technical services, social services and other services were all securely interconnected. Needless to say there is a lot of confidential information going back and forth between public services, so creating a secure network was paramount. Additionally, the city of Laakdal wanted to modernize its day-to-day operations by allowing its staff to work safely from home. CUSTOMER PROFILE CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS • Secure site-to-site connections between municipal HQ and external branches (VPN) • Redundant connections for increased reliability • Secure LAN • Secure VoIP connections between external branches and HQ • Ultra-secure firewall Since we started working with Remmicom and AXS GUARD, our services can communicate securely and we never experienced any downtime. We are now able to work more efficiently in a worry-free environment.”

2. MORE INFO? Check or contact us via or +32 15 50 44 00. AXS GUARD – ABLE NV Dellingstraat 28b - 2800 Mechelen - België Remmicom ended up at Laakdal through a government tender. The IT company installed an AXS GUARD appliance at city hall and one in each of its nine external branches. The new firewall continuously scans Internet traffic for viruses and malware. Secure connections between branches were set up to ensure the confidentiality of all inter-agency data traffic. With AXS GUARD, secure traffic can be completely shielded from Internet traffic. In this case, separate Internet access policies were configured to allow regular Internet access for schools, while other, more stringent policies were set up to safely connect city hall and its other external branches to services on the Internet. This network segregation ensures that all agencies within the city’s district can operate with confidence. With the implementation of site-to-site VPN connections, employees can now work remotely without having to go through an outdated dial-in procedure. Thanks to AXS GUARD, external branches can safely use the city’s VoIP services. This means a considerable reduction in telephone costs. This configuration alone allowed the city of Laakdal to save about 30% on its communications budget, reducing the payback period for the whole project to a minimum. In a later phase, Remmicom also installed another AXS GUARD appliance in a newly added external branch of the city. The city of Laakdal now has ten AXS GUARD appliances guarding its network. SOLUTION IN A NUTSHELL The city of Laakdal securely interconnected nine of its external branches to municipal HQ with AXS GUARD, which means all authorized personnel can safely access city applications and documents. Thanks to separate network policies, employees can safely exchange sensitive data, access the Internet and work from home. The city’s VoIP services have also been shared, allowing for secure inter-agency communications and a considerable reduction in operating costs.


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