How to register an appliance?

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Quick Guideline for appliance registration via AXS GUARD CLOUD PORTAL

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4. Oct 2019 R e g i s t e r A p p l i a n c e © AXS GUARD - Able NV 4

5. Oct 2019 That’s it ! THANK YOU ​ for using our amazing products ! © AXS GUARD - Able NV 5

3. Oct 2019 R e g i s t e r f i r s t c o n t r a c t You need the contract number and Serial number before you can register the first AXS GUARD. This information is part of the delivery after your purchase. You might have received an ‘EVAL-xxxx-xxxxx’ License which will work too. © AXS GUARD - Able NV 3

1. Oct 2019 A X S G U A R D P r o d u c t R e g i s t r a t i o n I n t r o d u c t i o n The AXS GUARD Appliance registration is handled by the AXS GUARD Cloud platform: ​ Prior to starting a registration process, you should have access to: ● The Contract number, looks like: AXGK-1910-xxxxx ● A Serial number (only if this is the first registration of the first appliance) ● A systeminfo.txt file, downloaded from the AXS GUARD Appliance as part of running the registration Wizard (see ​ ​ for Product Registration) G o t o h t t p s / / a x s g u a r d . c l o u d © AXS GUARD - Able NV 1

2. Oct 2019 N e w c u s t o m e r s w i t h t h e i r f i r s t A X S G U A R D (Existing customers can go directly to ‘Register Appliance) Make sure you use the Google or Microsoft account where you want to manage all AXS GUARDs with in the future. This email address will be used to create your Company’s account with on our Cloud Platform. You can add other users later. If you already manage AXS GUARDs and get this screen, contact FIRST © AXS GUARD - Able NV 2


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