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Stageco builds redundant network for its branch offices with AXS GUARD

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1. Stageco builds redundant network for its branch offices with AXS GUARD Through more than 25 years of experience, Stageco has become the worldwide pioneer and trendsetter in designing and building custom-made as well as stan - dardized concert stages and temporary structures for all kind of events. During recent years Stageco has been best known for supplying stunning stages for interna - tional tours including The Rolling Stones, U2, Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen; and festival stages including V Festivals (UK and USA), Rock Am Ring (Germany), Pinkpop (The Netherlands) and Werchter Festival (in Stageco’s hometown). Stageco has built a solid reputation for achieving the highest levels of engineering excellence. The company’s track record proves unrivalled logistical effectiveness combined with efficiency in staging construction of its proprietary (patented) staging systems. Thanks to its expertise, the number of days for building and dis- mantling temporary structures can be substantially reduced entailing considerable economic savings in comparison to alternative systems. CENTRALIZED STOCK MANAGEMENT When building stages and temporary structures, Stageco’s crew needs to take important aspects such as construction height, public access, the site’s infra - structure and available build-up time into account. This requires a meticulous and tight organization as all stage and structural elements need to be transported worldwide and in time. The company therefore works with a data - base in which all supplies and every piece of equipment is recorded, enabling them to follow-up precisely for each project which piece of equipment is located where, which parts are available, need to be shipped and assembled. This database however, was initially not centralized which required a lot of workaround procedures as the group has nine offices worldwide. In order to optimize the stock management and logistical process, the company decided to centralize its database enabling real-time access for its different offices and on location. Naturally, access to the database needed to be secured. UNSTABLE VPN CONNECTIONS AND OUTAGES Stageco sought council with its standing IT Partner Accel . Accel manages the group’s server park and pro - vides second line support. Previously, they helped deploy AXS GUARD in its Belgian headquarters to secure the company’s network and e-mail traffic. In order to make centralized database access possible, Stageco installed several SSL/VPN connections enabling its employees in the branch offices to manage the stock database. However, a few problems remained, namely in the group’s German offices. Employees were required to log-on with their username and password thrice: once to the Citrix platform a second time to gain access to the VPN portal and a third time to access the applications. “Every time connections were lost, the same procedure needed to be repeated, compromising user-friendliness”, says Jan Waegemans , Safety Advisor at Stageco.” Furthermore, the German based offices came across several difficulties with unstable VPN connections and experienced several outages. CASE STUDY Stageco is an international staging company that builds and designs standardized and custom made stages and structures for the most famous artists. The group has employees in nine offices worldwide that need to keep track of the logistical process for every event. Plagued by unstable VPN-connections and outages, the company decided to build a redundant network by creating e-tunnels with AXS GUARD.

2. ABLE nv Dellingstraat 28b 2800 Mechelen Belgium +32 15 50 44 00 Summary: Objective Install a redundant Internet solution that was compatible with the Citrix network enabling branch offices to log-on to the corporate network and stock database. Challenge The solution needed to guarantee a stable VPN connection between Stageco’s headquarters and its remote offices. Managing the VPN connections and access control needed to be straightforward and end-users should not experience any additional has - sles when logging on. Solution By installing a second AXS GUARD appliance, Stageco was able to create the so called e-tunnels, ensuring a fast, stable and redundant connection to the network and stock database for its remote offices. The solution also enables single sign-on resulting in far more efficient and user-friendly way of working. Born out of supplying stages for the renowned Rock Werchter Festival in Belgium in 1985, Stageco is now one of the most prominent international staging companies in the world. Through more than 35 years of experience, Stageco has become the worldwide pioneer and trendsetter in designing and building custom-made as well as standardized concert stages and temporary structures for all kind of events. The Stageco Group currently spans nine offices worldwide, including its headquar - ters in Tildonk, Belgium, and its local offices in Germany, Austria, France, the Neth - erlands and the USA, employing currently about 170 full-time staff. AXS GUARD biedt een all-in-one beveiligingsoplossing voor uw bedrijf om uw interne netwerk infrastructuur en applicaties naadloos en veilig aan te sluiten op het Internet. Onze oplossing kan worden geïntegreerd in elk netwerk en is makkelijk te beheren. AXS GUARD is speciaal ontworpen om beveiligde site-to-site verbindingen, persoonlijke toegang op afstand, sterke authenticatie, enzovoort te bieden en is de eerste lijn van bescherming tegen malware en andere cyberattacks. Uw productiviteit verbeterd, aangezien downtime wordt geëlimineerd. Ons team van professionals is altijd klaar om te helpen, zowel op afstand als op locatie. E-TUNNEL CONCEPT GUARANTEES REDUNDANCY AND EFFICIENCY Accel proposed to install a second AXS GUARD appliance in the German offices to solve connection difficulties. To se - cure the data contained in the stock database, they deployed AXS GUARD’s SSL/VPN module. This module allows Stageco to create e-tunnels. In normal circumstances, a new tunnel needs to be created between two VPN points for each VPN connection. When creating multiple VPN tunnels, the amount of tunnels there - fore increases exponentially. The e-tunnel concept however, allows all traffic to be passed though one and the same e-tunnel resulting in a low-mainte - nance and efficient solution. The remote offices in Germany are now connected by e-tunnels to the main AXS GUARD appliance in Stageco’s headquarters and redundancy is guar - anteed. Additionally, this entails that employees no longer need to log-on multiple times to access the network, database and other applications. “By implementing AXS GUARD, single sign-on functionality was added to Stageco’s infrastructure, which increased user-friendliness tremendously”, says Jan Waegemans. “Furthermore, no additional software needed to be installed on the end-users’ computers. Our employees just navigate to the VPN portal and log-on with their username and password. It’s as simple as that! Implementation into our Citrix environment went very smoothly and upgrading our AXS GUARD infrastructure is extremely straightforward”, Jan Waegemans concludes. Accel Computer Service is a Belgian ICT infrastructure service company mainly focused on the local SME market with a strong emphasis on security. Accel has become a professional, competitive, stable and profitable organization with an an - nual turnover of €6.5 million. Accel has a customer base of around 400 SMEs and employs 35 people in its three branch offices. .


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