AXS GUARD and GDPR - UK - May 2018

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1. 03-05-2018 A X S G U A R D h e l p s y o u t o b e G D P R - c o m p l i a n t . The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and will enter into force on 25 May 2018.. GDPR deals with the protection of private data concerning EU citizens and residents. In essence, it aims to ensure that companies respect the privacy of individual consumers. This means that GDPR applies to any company or organization which collects, processes and uses personal data of EU residents. The impact of GDPR on your daily operations mainly depends on the specific information processing activities of your company or organization. For example, some companies and organizations are now required to appoint a Data Protection Officer or DPO. We recommend that you consult regularly for additional information and updates concerning GDPR. There are a number of GDPR requirements that apply to every organization. Each company or organization is required to take "appropriate organizational and technical measures" to securely store, capture, manage and disseminate personal data. In this context, GDPR also recommends anonymization, a type of information sanitization whose intent is privacy protection. It also recommends conscientious software management, such as installing security updates and patches. AXS GUARD can help you to fulfill these obligations, especially with the following features. © AXS GUARD - Able NV 1

5. 03-05-2018 A B L E N V a n d G D P R Able NV, the company behind AXS GUARD, also has to adhere to the same GDPR standards and guidelines. As a security company, we take the protection of personal data very seriously. We will only inform our customers and partners about relevant product information. No sensitive information concerning our products, employees, partners or resellers will be transmitted to third parties. A strict internal privacy policy is enforced at all times.. Customer and other sensitive information is only accessible to authorized personnel to conduct official business. Our employees are also trained to handle personal and customer information with care.. In the exercise of our duties, e.g. network troubleshooting and performing repairs, we sometimes come across personal data that is present on hard drives and network devices. To this end, Able NV has drafted a so-called information processor agreement which clarifies and stipulates how access to this information is being handled.. You will soon be able to download this document and add it to your GDPR file. A privacy statement where we explain how information received via this website is handled is available here: ​ Q u e s t i o n s , H e a l t h C h e c k ? If you have any further questions about "AXS GUARD & GDPR compliance", do not hesitate to contact us. If required, we and our AXS GUARD partners can check the current health of your current configuration and optimize it if needed. © AXS GUARD - Able NV 5

2. 03-05-2018 O v e r v i e w o f A X S G U A R D f e a t u r e s r e l a t e d t o G D P R ● Firewall, IDS, IPS (intrusion detection and intrusion prevention) Deter unwanted visitors from trying to access or abuse your network. ● Application firewall Block access to defined applications and protocols, e.g. Facebook, Cloud storage services such as Dropbox or WeTransfer. Avoid potential data leaks by allowing only specific applications. ● Mail content scanning Checks and blocks unwanted e-mails, potentially dangerous file extensions, spam, phishing attempts, malware and other sophisticated attacks. ● Encryption SSL encryption is used to secure all network traffic, so its content becomes unreadable with protocol analyzers. ● Reverse proxy Provides secure Internet access to your internal applications and web servers. Features SSL offloading, session management and strong authentication (2FA). ● Authentication User credentials determine what a user can and cannot do in your network. Many protocols are supported, e.g. LDAP, Kerberos and RADIUS. DIGIPASS authentication (2FA) is also available and is supported by most applications. . © AXS GUARD - Able NV 2

4. 03-05-2018 ○ Authentication ■ Access logs and reports ■ Blocked users and hosts ■ Blocked brute-force attempts The AXS GUARD reporting options will be further updated and tweaked in future releases (8.3.3 and beyond, as of May 2018). We will also implement Anonymization. Recital 26 of the GDPR defines anonymized data as “data rendered anonymous in such a way that the data subject is not or no longer identifiable.” Although circular, this definition emphasizes that anonymized data must be stripped of any identifiable information, making it impossible to derive insights on a discreet individual, even by the party that is responsible for the anonymization. Caution ​ : Despite the security mechanisms provided by AXS GUARD, unintentional or deliberate user actions can never be excluded. Organizations have to consider that not all information passes through AXS GUARD. Companies and organizations must therefore implement and enforce user guidelines concerning so-called 'shadow IT' practices, i.e. the use, storage and sharing of personal data without explicit organizational approval, for example by means of personal USB storage devices. Proper security measures and GDPR compliance require more than just installing the adequate equipment. Drafting and enforcing appropriate rules of conduct, training employees on privacy and GDPR and drafting solid standard operating procedures are also crucial parts of GDPR compliance. © AXS GUARD - Able NV 4

3. 03-05-2018 ● VPN Allows users to securely access company network resources from virtually anywhere. Our new ​ Personal AXS GUARD (PAX) Road Warrior ​ appliance is a maintenance-free VPN solution. For more information and details, see ● Updates & Upgrades & Hotfixes AXS GUARD appliances always remain up-to-date thanks to our central and fully automated software update service. ● Reporting Reporting is a critical part of GDPR compliance because it allows organizations to demonstrate that appropriate measures were taken to protect the private and personal information of their users in case of an audit.. Thanks to its extensive reporting facilities, AXS GUARD allows you gain insight into the Internet and other network activities of users, e.g.: ○ Email server and email relay ■ Email statistics per user ■ Quarantined and bounced messages ○ Internet access behavior ■ Bandwidth usage per site ■ Sites visited per user, duration of the sessions, ... ■ Most frequently accessed applications and sites, e.g. Facebook, Skype, etc. ○ Anti-virus and anti-spam (email & web access) ■ Amount of detected viruses ■ Detected and blocked malware categorized per type ■ Amount of blocked spam messages ■ Blocked email attachments ■ Malicious senders ■ Spoofing reports ○ VPN ■ VPN access reporting per user ■ Applications which are authorized by the VPN policy © AXS GUARD - Able NV 3


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