Safely access your office computers from anywhere without any additional software.    

Do you recognize the following situations?

  • You want to double-check a few things from home the evening prior to an important business meeting, but the information you need access to is stored on a company server. 

  • You unexpectedly have to work from home, but you left your computer at the office.

At such moments, a secure and easy solution to access the corporate network without having to go through the hassle to set up a VPN connection or other complicated software would be an invaluable asset.

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Remote Workspace is a security add-on for AXS Guard. Access policies are centrally managed and tailored to each individual user.

Users simply use a web browser to access their desktop at company headquarters.


The icing on the cake: users don’t need to set up complicated software or a VPN connection.

Only a computer with a recent browser and access to the internet is required.


Network traffic between the user’s browser, the Internet, the corporate network and remote computers is secured by AXS Guard.

Strong authentication is also available (sold separately).


AXS Guard Remote Workspace leverages the following technologies:

  • HTML5 capable Internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge)

    SSL encryption

  • Strong user authentication, e.g. Google and Microsoft Authenticator apps, DIGIPASS tokens

  • An on-premise RDP, VNC and SSH capable AXS Guard server component which handles internal connections to company computers and servers.

  • Supports Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux.


  • RDP access to internal computers

  • VNC access to internal computers

  • SSH access to servers

  • Strong user authentication

  • Individual access policies per user


1/  How do I access my desktop as a Mac user?

All you need is a supported web browser. Start Safari, Chrome or Firefox and navigate to https://<company> Log in and your desktops and applications will appear automatically. You can then switch to “full-screen” mode, as if you were physically sitting behind the remote computer, even if the remote computer is a Windows-based system.

You can only access desktops that have been authorized by your system administrator. Desktops will appear as if you are physically sitting behind the computer screen of the PC that is being remotely accessed. Programs and files and are not copied to your local computer. In fact, no data is ever transferred from the remote desktop to your private computer, unless you choose to print a document.

Remote systems that are powered off cannot be accessed. However, if the remote computer has entered sleep mode, it can be woken up if its network is available.

yes, off course. You can open multiple windows and even put each window in full-screen mode side by side if you have more than one computer monitor.

Yes, this is possible.
The connection between the AXS Guard Remote Workspace and your Mac can be set up for VNC. You can take over any remote computer, as long as you are using a current browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge.

AXS Guard - Remote Workspace has no restrictions of its own. However, the maximum amount of simultaneous connections will depend on:

  • The bandwidth of your Internet connection.

  • Windows license restrictions.

  • Limits configured on the Operating System running on the remote computer.

You will see the desktop of the Windows server. You will also be able to switch to full-screen mode for a better user experience.

  • RDP, including RDS

  • VNC, preferably RealVNC or UltraVNC

  • SSH

  • Telnet

Windows uses the RDP protocol. Many versions of this protocol have been released over the years, each time with significant improvements and speed gains.
For best performance, Windows systems running RDP 8.1 and later versions are recommended.

This RDP version is available on Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 and later versions of the Windows OS. Windows 10 is preferred.

A higher screen resolution means that more data will have to be transmitted over the connection, which may eventually be saturated if the resolution is set too high. This will slow down remote access to a point where it becomes impractical and even unusable. Resolutions up to 1900x1200 are known to work relatively smoothly if enough bandwidth is available.

The RDP protocol allows you to print and save documents easily. An additional PDF printer will appear in the printer list of the remote Windows computer, which transparently converts your print job into a PDF document. This document can be saved to your local desktop and sent to your local printer if needed.

This is not supported yet, but we are currently working to find a solution.

Yes,  RDP supports "console" sessions which can be used instead of new, "invisible" RDP sessions. The console consists of the user’s screen, keyboard and mouse. This mode allows users to follow events on their PC in real time.

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