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AXS GUARD virtual appliance


AXS GUARD can run as a virtual appliance on a virtualisation server to accommodate environments where virtualisation is common.

The virtual appliance supports the following virtualization platforms:

  • VMware ESX: Using paravirtualised disks 

  • Citrix (Xen): Commercial (6.1) and OpenSource version 

  • Hyper-V (Windows Server Virtualisation) 

  • KVM virtualisation

Download the manuals for each platform in our documentation centre.

The virtual AXS GUARD is available in combination with all the AXS GUARD software bundles. We have the following options:

  • VG1000: 1 CPU, 1 Gbyte RAM, 4 Ports

  • VG2000: 2 CPU. 2 Gbyte RAM, 4 Ports

  • VG4000: 4 CPU, 4 Gbyte RAM, 6 Ports

  • VG8000: 8 CPU, 8 Gbyte RAM, 10 Ports

Below is the recommended user list for all the models:


You can request the virtual AXSGUARD Gatekeeper after filling out your details in this form (put in comments the virtualisation platform you want). The virtual AXS GUARD appliance will work during 45 days with all functionalities activated. After this period a license will be needed to continue using the AXS GUARD. Contact AXS GUARD sales to purchase a license.