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TOMRA, world leader in sorting technology, secures its LAN with AXS GUARD and equips its sorting machines with the Personal AXS GUARD

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1. TOMRA, world leader in sorting technology, secures its LAN with AXS GUARD and equips its sorting machines with the Personal AXS GUARD TOMRA is a world leader with ample experience in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art sorters. The company uses the latest and most advanced optical technologies to achieve the highest efficiency in sorting products and materials in various industries. ON THE LOOKOUT FOR A UNIFORM SECURITY ENVIRONMENT The company wanted to secure its local area network as well as its webmail and Citrix XenApp from unauthorized access. Additionally, TOMRA provides remote support and maintenance to its customers and experienced a lot of difficulties with unstable VPN connections at the customer’s site. Furthermore, the company needed to overcome troubles that arose with the different systems and infrastructure installed at the customer’s end in order to set up remote online support and integrate the machin - ery into its existing ERP system. “We explored the market for a security solution that could fulfill all of our requirements and would enable us to create a uniform environment for our customers, service engineers, employees and resellers alike”, says Geert Cuppens , System Administrator at TOMRA. “AXS GUARD fully matched our security needs and prerequi - sites.” SECURE NETWORK & MAIL TRAFFIC THANKS TO AXS GUARD “Firstly we deployed AXS GUARD which enabled us to implement a firewall, route our network traffic and control all e-mail traffic”, says Geert Cuppens. AXS GUARD acts as a gateway between the company’s network and the internet. The appliance’s anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing features keeps TOMRA’s network and mail traffic free from malevolent programs, bugs or codes, without having to install dedicated soft - ware on every end-user’s PC. In addition, the content scanning license prevents malware affliction through mail and web access. Websites can be blocked based on URLs or blacklists which are automatically and con - tinuously updated. AXS GUARD is a modular communications solution that is extremely scalable allowing companies to add functionalities to the appliance to fit growing needs. In a later phase, TOMRA integrated other AXS GUARD functionalities such as Public DNS and high-availability. “Thanks to the DNS feature, we are able to manage our own domain names and create aliases for servers and URLs”, Geert says. “The feature also provides us with the possibility to build complete redundancy for all servers that we host internally ensuring high-availability. AXS GUARD is truly an all-in-one solution that provides us with the maximum of security and an easy to maintain environment.” DEDICATED AUTHENTICATION APPLIANCE FOR SECURE REMOTE ACCESS Besides network security, TOMRA deployed VASCO’s Identikey appliance to secure remote access to its busi - ness applications for its employees, service engineers and resellers. “We needed a security solution that could enable secure remote access to our Citrix platform, Outlook Web Access and ERP system and that could provide an extra security layer to ensure that our busi - ness critical data remain safeguarded. CASE STUDY TOMRA is an innovative company specialized in manufacturing sorting machinery for the food and non-food industry. To guarantee a flawless installation at the customer’s site and to provide customers with remote support and maintenance, TOMRA built-in AXS GUARD technology in its machines. Furthermore, the company secures access to its local network with AXS GUARD and VASCO DIGIPASS.

2. ABLE nv Dellingstraat 28b 2800 Mechelen Belgium +32 15 50 44 00 Summary: Objective Secure TOMRA’s local network, webmail and Citrix XenApp application against unauthorized access. Additionally, the solution should enable the company to host its own website and public DNS servers ensuring high availability. Furthermore, TOMRA needed a solu - tion that would overcome integration difficulties with the customer’s infrastructure and systems as well as problems associated with unstable VPN connections enabling the company to provide remote support and maintenance. Challenge Deploy an integrated security solution to create a uniform IT environment for TOMRA’s different user groups. The solution must be compatible with Citrix Xenapp en Outlook Web Access and must be inte - grated into TOMRA’s ERP system while at the same time enhancing TOMRA’s machinery and infrastructure enabling its service engineers to provide remote sup - port and maintenance.. Solution AXS GUARD technology provided TOMRA with a comprehensive and uniform solution. AXS GUARD enables the company to host its own site and DNS servers ensuring high availability while at the same time protecting the company’s e-mail traffic. Every TOMRA sorting machine has a built-in personal AXS GUARD that connects directly to TOMRA’s main site and ERP system, solving problems with slow or instable VPN connections as well as integration diffi - culties with the customer’s own infrastructure.. TOMRA is a world leader in sorting technology. As an innovative company, with years of experience in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art sorters, TOMRA helps customers internationally in the food and non-food industry. By using the latest and most advanced optical technologies, TOMRA is able to achieve highest efficien - cy in sorting products and materials in various industries. The company is active in fifty countries and has a worldwide network of agents. AXS GUARD offers an all-in-one security solution for your company to seamlessly and securely connect your internal network infrastructure and applications to the Internet. Our solution can be integrated into any network and is easy to manage. AXS GUARD is specifical - ly designed to provide secure site-to-site connections, personal remote access, strong authentica - tion, etc. and is the first line of protection against malware and other cyber-attacks. Your productivity is improved as downtime is eliminated. Our team of professionals is always ready to help, both from distance and on location. PERSONAL AXS GUARD RESOLVES INTEGRATION AND VPN HASSLES As a world leader in sorting technology, TOMRA serves an in - ternational clientele. In the past, the company was confronted with a lot of difficulties concerning instable VPN connections and installation problems at the customer’s site. TOMRA’s machines need to connect to the company’s ERP system in order for its service engineers to perform updates and provide remote support and maintenance. This often posed problems as VPN connections were down or service engineers spent a lot of time in configuring the machinery to access the sorter from TOMRA’s headquarters. Furthermore, TOMRA’s customers not always have a dedicated IT expert and IT resources are in some cases very limited. The company was therefore looking for a solution that could overcome these predicaments enabling its service engineers to perform their tasks in a time-conscious and efficient man - ner. Again, AXS GUARD proved to meet all requirements BUILT-IN AXSGUARD ALLOWS OPTIMAL REMOTE SUP - PORT TOMRA built-in Personal AXS GUARD appliances into its sorting machines. Personal AXS GUARD is a small appli - ance with which a secure VPN connection can be set up. The plug-and-play appliance communicates with the main AXS GUARD at TOMRA’s headquarters and is fully integrated into the company’s ERP system. Service engineers are able to perform remote maintenance, update software, transfer files and give online support to every customer worldwide. With one click, service engineers can access any customer’s sort - ing machine. Personal AXS GUARD enabled the company to connect to every sorter from any place at any given time. As it is a plug- and-play appliance, installation is very straightforward and doesn’t require much IT knowledge, enabling TOMRA’s cus - tomers to set up the sorter themselves. Currently, TOMRA deployed more than 1000 Personal AXS GUARD appliances worldwide. Every one of them is centrally managed from the company’s headquarters.


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