RDP attacks on the rise warns FBI, DHS


SC MAGAZINE: "The FBI and DHS issued a joint warning to consumers and businesses on the increasing use of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) administration tool as an attack vector." Read full article here

(article in Dutch from Techzine here)

Are you using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) ?
How many Port forwarding have you set?

AXS GUARD therefore recommends the use of Reverse Proxy functionality. 
This feature can also be additionally secured with strong authentication.


The reverse proxy services Internet client requests by forwarding these requests to the correct server in the LAN, while providing strong authentication, request filtering and SSL offloading.

Supported Protocols:

  • TCP/IP protocols: HTTP(S) and FTP

  • Application protocols: WebSocket, RPC over HTTP, MAPI over HTTP, EWS and RDP (via a remote desktop gateway)


  • Base URL Protection

  • RFC Compliance & Request Filtering

  • Predefined & Custom Applications

  • SSL Offloading & Two-factor Authentication

  • Ability to add custom login pages for your application servers

Reverse Proxy is included in the ENTERPRISE BUNDLE