Belgian government invests in cyber security

Every year, cyber criminals become more inventive and dangerous. It’s the conclusion we can derive from Europol’s yearly Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) report. International hacking – even between states – sexual extortion of minors and ransomware attacks are ever-increasing, leading to a discomforting look at the current state of our digital security.

At about the same time, the Belgian government is proposing a new investment plan which would see an investment of 15 billion euros in ICT security. The plan, which is called the ‘National Pact for Strategic Investments’, describes five domains which will receive parts of the investment in the long term – between 2019 and 2030. The money will be used to train new experts, improve education and to guarantee cyber security. A first investment will be to hire 1,500 new security experts.

Next to that, a new certification will be presented that proves a company’s ‘digital resilience’. While AXS GUARD supports the creation of a quality earmark, we regret the proposal’s voluntariness, meaning the certificate will in no way be a required standard.

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