The safest route to the Microsoft Cloud
AXS GUARD v8.3.2

AXS GUARD launched version 8.3.2.

This update ensures a secure and stable connection with Microsoft Office 365 applications, so that they can be integrated and used without worries in any business. In addition, the connection configuration to the Microsoft Cloud is now fully automatic.

"Almost a third of all companies worldwide use Microsoft Office 365," explains Alex Ongena, managing director of AXS GUARD. "This makes the Microsoft Cloud one of the most frequently used platforms in the world. The transition from on-premise software to cloud-based applications will only increase, making it necessary for online security measures and the required reliability to evolve as well. "

Functionality without compromise

With the update to version 8.3.2, the AXS GUARD is now able to automatically set the optimal configuration for the use of Office 365 applications. Think of allocating bandwidth, configuring specific firewall settings and guaranteeing a secure connection to these cloud applications.

"Microsoft does not advise anyone to use proxy servers," Alex explains. "In this way you ensure proper functioning, but according to us you do not have to make a sacrifice in the area of ​​safety. Using our new settings wizard, the AXS GUARD helps a company quickly and easily set off safely and reliably with the Microsoft Cloud at full power, without sacrificing functionality. After all, safety is just as important as availability. "

Online e-mail security

In addition, the update also adds security for the Office 365 mailbox. Alex Ongena explains the problem: "Setting up the mailbox configuration in Office 365 is anything but a transparent process. The combination with the AXS GUARD can in that case help to link the full potential of the Microsoft Cloud to a thorough protection against contemporary cyber threats such as 'spear phishing', malware, spam and other unsavoury practices. "

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