Summary & pictures

On November 21st we had the honour welcoming our customers, partners and prospects at our first AXS GUARD CLOUD event where we presented our solutions around...

  • AXS GUARD & Azure

    • Introduction to Azure by Eric Martens, Microsoft

    • Why AXS GUARD on Azure

    • Use Case SIG AIR HANDLING by Joris Van den Broeck

    • Some other use cases

    • Demo AXS GUARD on AZURE (from Marketplace)

  • AXS GUARD & Office 365

  • AXS GUARD CLOUD (Central management)

  • AXS GUARD Enterprise Content Scanning in the CLOUD

  • AXS GUARD Industrial All-in-one

We closed the afternoon with a network drink.
We thank all attendees for their presence and loyalty!

Enjoy the pictures...